Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram: Salman Khan Makes Fans Go Weak On Knees With His Topless Pics

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 09, 2019

On the 11th spot of Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram is Bollywood megastar Salman Khan.

Without a doubt, Salman Khan is one of the most sought-after actors not only in Bollywood but also in India. The actor who turns every film to a blockbuster in the box office also can make you go weak in the knees with his fantastic shape.

Besides, the megastar is one active user on social media who captivated 25.2 million followers on Instagram. With steady growth in the numbers of fans, Salman Khan made him to the eleventh spot in Top 15 Most Followed Indian Celebrities On Instagram.

Here are the most liked pictures of Bhaijaan that took the social media by storm.

Salman Khan on his 31st year in the film industry


On 27 August, the megastar shared a picture of him as a baby on social media to mark his 31st year in the film industry. Salman Khan who mapped his inspiring journey through the last decades has been navigating a career path without fear of veering off the beaten track in Bollywood.

"A bigg thank u to the Indian film industry n to every 1 who has been a part of this 31 year journey specially all my fans and well wishers who have made this amazing journey possible," he wrote.

Salman Khan and Prabhu Deva

Salman Khan recently took to Instagram to share his snap with famous choreographer Prabhu Deva who he has collaborated in numerous projects.


His post read: "Chulbul Pandey coming to you on 20th Dec in hindi, kannada, tamil and telugu!"

Following by, Dabangg 3 will hit the cinema on 20th December and is expected to make a bit hit in the cinema.

Hot Bhai Salman Khan

At the age of 53, Salman Khan is still a fitness sensation with his bulky muscle. All pictures that the actor goes topless can easily stir a million of fans heart. And here is the post that created an Internet frenzy.

Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt

Both Salman Khan and Sanjay Dutt are the iconic actor in the film industry. And when the two legends got in a snapshot, it's called the golden moment in the fan's heart.

Salman Khan with Katrina Kaif

For a long time, Bhaijaan and Katrina Kaif have been the most beautiful on-screen couple. In real life, there was a time when the gorgeous Bollywood actress and Bhai fell for each other but in the end, they decided to remain their close friendship. On Instagram, Salman Khan's pics with the Bharat actress are always the most liked photos.


Salman Khan flaunted his bulky muscle

Even just "chilling and watching the news", the Bollywood superstar's photo can easily tug at your heartstrings. And here is the reason.


His unbelievable amazing figure

If you still wonder how the iconic actor of Bollywood sets pulses racing with his photos, here is the answer.


The Gym freak

Everyone knows that Salman Khan is a Gym freak with his muscular figure but little would know that he also has a very flexible body. This photo indeed left the actor's fans in surprise with his skill as he mastered the centre split that is hard to do.


"Nothing better than working hard"

Again the superstar proves if you put efforts in everything you do, you will have the enormous success you want. "Nothing better than working hard," Salman Khan captioned his post.


When Salman Khan gives a life lesson

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