Time To Unfollow! Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask When Going Out In Public

Hanima Anand |Jun 11, 2020

As people of the spotlight, Bollywood stars should set examples for their fans to follow. However, some of them deserve an ‘unfollow’ button when not wearing mask outdoor during the pandemic.

Bollywood stars are among the most influential persons in the country for their vast numbers of fans and coverage on social media. This fact requires them to behave properly especially in public. However, some couldn’t think long-term but just left their brains at home when going out during this pandemic.

Well, no offense, we are referring to Bollywood stars who show no responsibilities towards their community by not wearing mask when running around in public. Let’s see who’s in the list!

1. Mallika Sherawat

What a pity our Mallika owns a beautiful face and body but not a sensible mind. She decided to go jogging around her neighborhood at Bandstand, Bandra without wearing a mask.

Photos leaked out and fans were not happy.

Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask In Public 1
She even looks straight to the camera and smiled happily.

At first, the photos were posted on Viralbhayani Instagram. While many fans feel relieved seeing their idols kicking and alive after days of lockdown, enjoying her evening walk, others quickly spotted the problem.

‘Where’s your mask?’

‘You shouldn’t have done this. You are giving a wrong impression.’

Many similar comments poured into the thread with criticism towards the Bollywood actress. However, things didn’t stop there. Mallika herself shared the same photos on her own Instargam account, which enraged more people. Apparently, this girl couldn’t sense anything wrong with her pictures.

However, in another photo, Mallika was seen wearing a face mask but she didn’t do so while running and taking exercises.

Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask In Public 2
In another photo, she did have a mask.

2. Sohail Khan

The next name in this list of Bollywood stars not wearing mask when going out is Sohail Khan.

Also spotted by the Mumbai-based photographer, Sohail Khan was seen riding his motorbike around the building. He was not wearing mask.

Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask In public 3
Care-free and rev up the engine, Sohail Khan is not scared of coronavirus!

Upset by their idol, many fans have commented on the post and warned the Bollywood actor against his improper behaviors. Some even expressed concern for Sohail’s parents who may get infected when their son went out without wearing face mask.

3. Himansh Kohli

The next photo belongs to Himansh Kohli who was seen laying unprotected on the street near India Gate, not wearing mask.

The Bollywood actor went out very early, on the very first day of Unlock to enjoy fresh air but not knowing the virus was still lurking around.

Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask In Public 4
Fans wonder what is his message through this no-mask photo!

Not sure whether he wore a mask when walking or after taking photos, he did deliver a wrong image to his fans who might follow his behavior.

Imagine everyone stepped out, took off mask to get a check-in photo together, what would we get after that? A hospital full of coronavirus patient!\

4. Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor

Well done this family who set an example for not just fans but their own little boy Taimur Ali Khan.

The Bollywood actor was captured walking Taimur on a street near Marine Drive while Kareena Kapoor walked behind. None of them wore face mask. Their house help didn’t follow health protocols either.

Bollywood Stars Not Wearing Mask In Public 5
The family didn't show much concern over their health.

What was in his mind? Didn’t he care about the health of his own son? Or they knew they were immune to coronavirus? This partly reasons why Kareena Kapoor ranks in the list of most hated Bollywood actors for her not-so-sensible statements and acts.

Starbiz.com do hope that these Bollywood stars would rethink about their behaviours and quickly made adjustment so their fans could see examples. Otherwise, the authorities should step in and make them think twice before going out without a mask.

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