'I Will Pull Your Top and Bra', Assistant Director Tanya Paul Singh Published Her #Metoo Story

Mina Muzumdar |Oct 21, 2018

Another awful story from #MeToo waves has been published, Assistant Director Tanya Paul Singh alleged Adnan Khan of sexual harassment.

Bollywood Industry today has shaken with another #Metoo story when Tanya Paul Singh alleged Adnan Shaikh sexually assaulted her on the sets of Ahmed Khan’s Baaghi 2. Reportedly, Adnan Shaikh was assigned to direct a few movies of Ahmed Khan’s studio.

 “He tugged my bra strap in the meeting”

“In a meeting to discuss film’s climax, Adnan Shaikh stood behind me and teased me by tugging my bra strap. He even put his hand on my thigh and hit hard to create a sound then given comment about the sound that made. ” According to her, 7-8 other people also presented at the meeting at that time.


After that, she angrily shouting at him: “What the *** are you doing?” The producer then replied her in a teasing voice, said: “I was just playing around!”

When Tanya was asked about her calm reaction toward his inappropriate manner, Assistant Director Tanya said she was afraid of Adnan. Furthermore, she explained Adnan was a tall and strong guy and she would never know what could happen to her if she overreacts.

“He has an underlying motive to do it”

Tanya 3

As Tanya statement, at every call sheet need to be checked, the producer would demand a massage or refuse to check the call sheet together. Other colleagues have been complaining about his work attitude but nothing has changed.

Talking about Adnan Shaikh uncooperative attitude, Tanya believed that it was due to he did not get what he wanted. “There was an underlying motive for his act”, Tanya affirmed.

Director Ahmed Khan trusted him blindly

Assistant director Tanya thinks that to give Adnan Shaikh a prestigious assignment, the director must absolutely trust him. However, Ahmed could not see a pervert in Adnan's personality.

In detail, she narrated her worst memory of Adnan. It happened on the last day when she was wearing a top with ripped back.

Tanya 4

“I will pull your top”, Adnan gruffly said to her.

Even though, Tanya chose not to report her matter to Ahmed as he is Adnan’s relative. She then levelled her matter to Executive Producer Dipti, but her problem could not be solved.

“He asked me to massage for him. When I refused, other assistant had to do it…”

Tanya 5

Tanya further added that the incident happened to her repeated many time during the filming process. The worst thing Adnan Shaikh could ask for is demanded her to give him a massage. When she rejected his unreasonable demands, he would ask other assistant director and they had to it in silent.

Lastly, Tanya Paul Singh admitted that she had decided to quit just a month before the film is officially released.



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