Tanushree Dutta Makes A Vows To Never Visit Any Church Due To Rakhi Sawant, Drags JESUS In The Fight

Laavanya Hien |Nov 15, 2018

Rakhi Sawant - Tanushree Dutta’s public-spat deteriorates. Lately, Rakhi, throughout her wrestling turn, hurted herself.

Rakhi Sawant - Tanushree Dutta’s public-spat get worse. Lately, Rakhi, throughout her wrestling turn, has hurt herself. And, she unexpectedly and suddenly laid a charge against Tanushree Dutta for the same thing. On her own Instagram page, Rakhi Sawant posted a video clip.  People can see priests praying for her after her injury. It seems that this video didn't go well Tanushree Dutta. Then, Dutta decided to inveigh against Rakhi Sawant again. Moreover, she also was under a vow not to go to the church one more time.

Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant

Strong Response of Tanushree Dutta To The Video Rakhi Shared

According to a Times Now’s official statement, Dutta has revealed that her faith today has been disrupted. In 2009, her spiritual trip began with the Jesus Christ vision. And hereafter, she went through distinctive Scientology, Buddhism, Islam, meditation, yoga, religions, and so on. However, she always kept her faith in God through Jesus with her highest respect and esteem.

Tanushree Dutta

Tanushree Dutta Had A Belief That Jesus Loved Her

She shared that she never thought of being a religious person but she kept the spiritual thought in her mind. That’s why she took advantages of any chances to acquire new things. "I believed God loved me and I believed Jesus loved me."

Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant

Tanushree Dutta Kept Saying About Rakhi Sawant And Her Lies About Dutta….

The actress continued to share that she today witnessed priests praying for Rakhi Sawant after her injury. She asked why Rakhi couldn't be rebuked for the false testimony? And, they were all that Rakhi Sawant was taught in church? To say awful things about anyone simply you didn't agree with other? Or, to talk shit about people just for the personal benefits? To tell lie unashamedly?

On hearing Rakhi Sawant revealing her own Christian belief and faith, Tanushree Dutta said her and this entire country could hear Rakhi’s mouth damming, vile, and vicious lies about her in front of the whole public without any fear or repentance of God.

Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant

Tanushree Dutta: Rakhi Sawant To Silence Me

In her talk, Tanushree unveiled that Rakhi really wanted her to be silent from the movement#Metoo. Whereas, Rakhi wished to get some profits and supply entertainment. And, Rakhi was not able to obtain her silence. However, Rakhi has had what she believed was unattainable to disrupt her belief in Jesus.

Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant

Tanushree Dutta Takes A Vow To Never Visit Church One More Time

She today makes a declaration that she will never enter the church again. This will last until Sawant concedes her lies about Dutta, then sends Dutta an apology in front of the entire public. Tanushree Dutta also said that "you will become what you have been worshiping". Tanushree added Rakhi Sawant could tell lie through her mouth and admit herself to be the Christ believer and then her Jesus maybe a liar.

Tanushree Dutta and Rakhi Sawant

Tanushree Dutta Revealed: Jesus Has Let Her Down

Tanushree Dutta said that she feels pleasant that she didn’t get christened when she had an opportunity. Furthermore, it might be something like getting hitched with somebody who permits mudslingers, liars, churchgoers, and cheats to toss venom over you while confessing that he loved you.

Again, Tanushree Dutta shared that Jesus has made her feel very disappointed.  In general, it is due to Rakhi Sawant who has enabled her to never go into any church anymore. Perhaps, Tanushree Dutta can abolish her vow if Rakhi admits her lies about Dutta.


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