Tanushree Dutta Accused Nana Patekar Of Sexual Harassment: Its Message To Other Women

Rose Advani |Sep 27, 2018

The #MeToo movement brought out the ugly side of Hollywood and led to the downfall of several powerful men, but Tanushree Dutta says such a thing should happen in Bollywood so that she can get...

In the recent days, the Bollywood industry witnesses a re-emergence of an incident involving Tanushree’s sexual harassment. This has remained silent for nearly ten years. A decade ago, the news in which Tanushree Dutta experiencing a sexual assault had shaken the entire industry. She accused Nana Patekar's indecent behavior with her on the film set of Horn Ok Pleassss. This made her feel uncomfortable for shooting. Hence, she had to choose to quit acting the film.

The #MeToo movement exposed some of the Hollywood’s ugliest aspects. As a result, it caused the fall of plenty dominant men in Hollywood. Tanushree could saw these impacts of the #MeToo. Hence, she reveals that such impacts should take place in Bollywood too. So, she could retrieve her justice for the accident which happened to her in 2008. Here, in her recent interview, she will reveal some of the flip sides of the Bollywood industry. Also, she lets us know her sincere sharing about her sexual assault incident ten years ago.


Addition words about the #MeToo movement

Many people already knew what the #MeToo is and what it’s about. Probably, it has emerged recently with the alternatives of both the local and the international. For short, it is a movement which fights against sexual assault as well as sexual harassment. It has gone viral on myriad means of social media with the use of a hashtag like #MeToo movement. What’s more, the movement spreads quickly with an effort to depict the unexpected prevalence of sexual harassment in many places, especially in the workplace.

As regards the origin of the term #MeToo, a community organizer and social activist from America named Tarana Burke first used this phrase at the beginning of 2006. But, it is until 2017 that the phrase #MeToo become more popular on Twitter thanks to the spread of Alyssa Milano, an American actress.

Now, #MeToo movement gets popularized again when Tanushree Dutta raised her voice in her recent TV interview. She reclaimed what happened to her in 2008. And, Dutta reported that a veteran actor behaved badly towards her on a film set.  

What Tanushree Dutta Said?

In her interview, Tanushree also added that actor who misbehaved with her had the filmmakers’ implicit reinforcement. She continued when she talked about nearly 10 years back, they intendedly called her a slut or an unprofessional. And, she expressed her anger with PTI that everyone has no right to say anything about her.

Tanushree Dutta one more time describe that undesirable incident as well as its consequence. Additionally, she alleged that while she was making her great attempt to get away from them, they intentionally made the buzz the media. Moreover, they also called several people with a view to mobbing lynch. It was such a terrible memory to recall. The incident was more horrific when both she and her parents were inside the car.  Then, they even tried to attack her car. For sure, it horrendously transferred from a situation of harassment or assault to the one of the mob lynching.

Recounting about her dreadful experience in 2008, Tanushree Dutta disclosed that they even threatened her. They said that she could never run away from the studio. It was because they would lock all the gates. But, fortunately, get could get out when a team of cops came.

Moreover, she admitted that she was always waiting for an apology from all of these actors. The sorry would not only come from Nana Patekar but also other actors in the industry, including Ganesh Acharya, producer Sami Siddiqui, and film director Rakesh Sarang. Besides, Dutta accentuated that both these people and the whole Bollywood industry were an accomplice. It was because all of them overlooked this silence.

How Patekar filed the counter-complaint?

She was trying to file a report to the police. However, they also submitted a counter one. It is to say; they still never let her feel ease at all. Due to that counter complaint, Tanushree Dutta, her dad, the spot boy, and hairdresser had to suffer from a plenty of harassment and assault over the following two years.

Also in 2008, a press conference took place to talk about that indecent behavior and mannerism of Mr.Patekar. Patekar said that he was totally taken aback by the accusation of Tanushree Dutta. He continued that she was only at his daughter’s age.

What Tanushree Dutta conveys through her incident?

While reclaiming her story, Tanushree Dutta wishes that she will be able to share the words via her incident. Therefore, it’s much live the #MeToo movement in which other women and girls have more encouragement to spread their stories.

In the interview, she depressedly opened up that there exists the character murder as well as the social humiliation that one experiences when she makes great effort to speak about these kinds of incidents.

She continues that she loves in America where she was so busy with her life. She is fine when talking about this incident because her attitude is much like a way of an American. Also, she emphasizes that this will be also beneficial for others. By doing this, she feels that she is enhancing strength for others. So, other people could witness the justice done. Citing as an example, people will discontinue working and cooperating with those actors.

Tanushree Dutta is doing the best to give people more encouragement. Definitely, she does not aim at any hidden scheme. Things that happened to her will inspire others to raise their voice and become stronger to fight against bad things. And, this is not for her. Hence, she hopes she could encourage other girls and women.

However, Dutta grieves over the fact that the #MeToo movement in Bollywood are not as strong as in Hollywood. It was even not felt here. She explained the reason that those actors have covered themselves with a package as “saints”.

Sadly, in her country, those actors can master the technique of packaging themselves. Then, they could easily turn themselves into fake good persons. That’s why they are like saints everytime and everywhere. Consequently, people often think that they’re like ordinary people and cannot distinguish how and who they’re really are.


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