Tabu Exclusive Interview: “For Me, Every Role Is My Dream Role”

Mohnish Singh |May 26, 2019

In this interview with STARBIZ, seasoned Bollywood actress Tabu talks at length about her latest film "De De Pyaar De", her equation with superstar Ajay Devgn, her favourite directors and characters.

Age is just a number, and Bollywood star Tabu is clearly determined to prove the old dictum true. At 47, Tabu is still the most sought-after name in the industry when it comes to portraying strong women characters on screen. Seven months after her unforgettable performance in Sriram Raghavan’s black comedy crime thriller, Andhadhun (2018), the seasoned actress is currently busy garnering praises for her yet another outstanding act in romcom De De Pyaar De (2019).

Tabu On Friendships With Salman Ajay
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The film, which rolled into theatres last week and also features Ajay Devgn and Rakul Preet Singh in lead roles, is performing quite well across the nation, with family audiences pouring in, in huge numbers. It has already clocked an impressive ₹ 69.41 crore and is expected to touch the much publicized ₹ 100 crore mark in days to come.

De De Pyaar De

Recently, STARBIZ correspondent Mohnish Singh sat down with immensely talented Tabu to know from her, her opinion on age difference in a relationship, characters that are extremely close to her heart and favorite directors she has worked with over the years.

Tabu also talks about her plans to make a debut in the digital world and if the unprecedented growth of digital can pose a threat to films in the long run. Excerpts...

Tabu, how much did you enjoy doing a comedy like De De Pyaar De?

It is not just a comedy. The film showcases serious situations in a funny way. There are several complicated situations in the movie. The best part about doing this film was that it tackles relationships in a manner that has, perhaps, never been shown on Indian screens before. In the film, you see how every character is dealing with certain situations in their own way. The film has some terrific lines, something Luv Ranjan is known for. I thoroughly enjoyed working on this film not because it is funny, but because it has a good story to tell.

Your friendship with Ajay Devgn goes back to your initial days in the industry. How has the superstar changed over the years?

As a person, he has not changed at all. Everybody grows with age and experience. I think he has always been a bankable actor. He still is one of the most bankable actors in our industry. He has shown his range and explored so many genres over the years, be it comedy, intense roles or biopics. So, his talent is undisputed.

What is your take on age difference in a relationship?

If you see De De Pyaar De, you will find that it is not about the age difference. The age difference is not the issue in the film; relationships and the way there are positioned in each other’s lives is the conflict and the issue.

Talking about the age difference, I think everybody has a very subjective opinion on this topic. Only a couple knows what their equation in their relationship is. Only they can understand it is what I feel. We cannot give the right opinion. Having said that, there are certainly some generalized rules and regulations in a relationship. But people who have some unconventional needs and aspirations from the opposite sex, they will go for such relationships. So, it depends on who they are as people.

Who is your favourite character amongst all the characters that you have played over the years?

There are some characters which are really close to my heart, like the characters which I played in movies like Maachis (1996), Hu Tu Tu (1999), Ashtitva (2000), Maqbool (2004) and Haider (2014).

How different it is to work with new-age directors compared to the ones you worked with in the 1990s?

People like Gulzar and J.P. Dutta were much senior to me. I was really, really young when I worked with them. Most of the directors that I have worked in the recent past are pretty much my age or younger. So, definitely, there is going to be a shift in equations, because you have grown and they are in a different place. So, I think, it varies from film to film and director to director. Every director has a different nature. Even at that time, David Dhawan had a completely different way of working than Gulzar or, you know, Mani Ratnam. Sooraj Barjatya is different from Mahesh Manjrekar. So, they all are different people. I think every director has different ways of dealing with actors. Some directors make you work with a lot of love and persuasion, while others work from some distance.

What is your approach towards your work when you team up with new-age directors?

I approach my work pretty much with the same passion because the director is there till a point, but when I am in front of the camera, I am left alone with my script, my character and my understanding of it. So, finally, it is my responsibility to deliver the best.

Do you ever regret not being a part of certain films?

No, never. Whenever I am today is because of whatever I did and whatever I did not do. If I had chosen to change any factor, then maybe I would have never been where I am today. Whatever I did, I feel, was best for my journey.

Who is your favorite director?

Of course, Gulzar Saab, Ang Lee and Mani Ratnam. I also share a great working relationship with Vishal Bhardwaj. I learn something or the other from every director I work with. I have always enjoyed every experience. I have got to work with people with different mindsets. After Haider, I did Drishyam (2016) and Golmaal Again (2017).

Every director creates his own different world and you are lucky to be a part of it. For example, Golmaal Again was a comedy film where I got to work with a bunch of actors who are so great at comedy. On the other hand, a film like Haider gives you a totally different experience. So, I think, every experience teaches you something or the other.

Having been working for almost three decades in the industry, do you still have any dream role that you want to play?

For me, every role is my dream role. When I work on a certain character, it becomes my dream role because I play it with lots of love. I think, till the moment any role does not come to you, you don’t feel attached to it. I cannot imagine that ‘Oh, this is the role that I want to do". I look at the strength of the character and how it is going to contribute to the story. That’s very important to me.

Are you open to explore web-space?

Yes, of course, provided it is a good script and a good director is making it.

Do you think the web is going to affect films in the long run?

I don’t know. I don’t understand trade. But what I know is that the viewership of the web is very huge. Its fanbase and audience are very big. I know this because there are people around me who keep talking about web-series and all. Some people get up at 6:30 in the morning to see the next episode of Game of Thrones. So, I am sure it is a big world with a lot of viewing and consumption.

"De De Pyaar De" is running successfully in theatres nationwide.


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