Taapsee Pannu: Once Faces Rejections And Considered Bad Luck Charm

Kareena Kusari |Jan 11, 2019

"Learn to take rejections as well as you take success. The sweetness of success is sweeter if you have faced failure.”

Taapsee Pannu
The actress Taapsee Pannu

With the appearance in several female-oriented movies such as Naam Shabana, Pink, and Mulk, the actress Taapsee Pannu has left her mark in the film industry in Bollywood.

Taapsee has come to the entertainment industry without any helps and found her way by herself constant efforts. She has always expressed her thoughts as well as has never hesitated to voice her viewpoints.

The stunning actress always feels pride in her triumph as well as her failures. At India Today Mind Rocks 2019 Bhubaneswar, Taapsee confides that she “still faces rejection”. She acknowledges that she isn’t a professional actress and attends no acting classes. Also, she doesn’t know much about the movie industry and receives “no guidance”. However, she has put in a lot of hard work in her acting career. As a result, she has appeared in several movies in the South but made some wrong determination.

Taapsee Pannu 1
She was once considered the unlucky charm in the South

Nonetheless, she is always optimistic about failure in her life. In her point of view:

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She was even considered “the bad luck charm in the South” in a career stage due to her three-four box-office flops. At that time, she was “the typical heroine” as making a few songs and several unimportant scenes in the movies. However, she was “bearing the brunt of being the unlucky charm” because they believed that she was a cause of their consecutive flops.

In her opinion, the failure was a result of no guidance, and she learned from her past mistakes. By her relentless efforts, she wants to say that “it is okay to fail but is not okay to not get up on your feet.”


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