Everything About Sushmita Sen Adopted Daughters: One Of Them Is Getting Her Acting Debut!

Salena Harshini |Nov 24, 2020

Given the fact that many have a huge curiosity about Sushmita Sen's adopted daughters, here is what you may want to know. And, look forward to an actress in the making!

We are blessed to have a myriad of models and actresses in the town who have given huge inspiration with their bold decisions, success, struggles, and humility. And one of the most elite names that stay at the top of those inspirers is Sushmita Sen, the first Indian Miss Universe who embraced single-motherhood in the subtlest way ever. Sushmita Sen adopted daughters are solid proof of the reason why she has received so much respect.

Renee Sushmita
Sushmita Sen and her daughters are among the most talked-about topics in town

So who are Sushmita Sen’s daughters and what has the little family been up to? See more details here!

Sushmita Sen adopted daughters and lesser-known facts

After all these years, Sushmita Sen has been the doting mother of two adorable kids, Renee and Alisah Sen who were adopted by the actress at a young age. The trio hardly ever fails to impress with their overflowing love for each other.

Renee Sen Alisah
Here is what you want to knwo about Sushmita Sen's daughters

Renee Sen

Between Sushmita Sen adopted daughters, Renee is the first one to be taken under the actress’s wing. Born on 5 September 1999, Sushmita Sen daughter age is now 21. For the unknown, Renee was adopted on June 30, 2000, and it was alleged that she was named after Sushmita’s family business in Dubai.

Also, Sushmita let Renee get a tattoo with her family motto. The diva posted a photo of her big kid having an identical ink on her left forearm that says “I AM”. Sushmita also has an identical tattoo on her arm.

They even have a matching tattoo

Renee is a great dancer and she once performed in one of the shows of choreographer Shiamak Davar. It was shared by Sushmita herself that Renee has been dreaming to be an actress for forever and she loves the camera.

So, if you haven’t known, the former beauty queen is now ready to introduce her big daughter to the cinema world!

The 21-year-old Renee Sen is going to debut in Bollywood in Suttabaazi whose set is the lockdown period, focusing on a daughter and a mother who are in conflicts in their conservative household.

Renee Sen
Renee Sen has been by Sush's side for 20 years

The filmmaker promised that the movie will dig in the women empowerment theme. Renee Sen will be seen in the rebellious daughter part while Rahul Vohra and Komal Chhabria are her on-screen parents.

Speaking about her daughter’s passion, Sushmita Sen said that she always has her back and the only condition was for Renee to get a degree before she ventured into acting. Sushmita also said,

"Tomorrow, or whenever I do choose to marry, Renee will always be my first child. She will take her place as the first of my children, the eldest of the siblings. And I'm not afraid of telling her that unlike other children, she has been born from my heart."

Renee Sen 1
And she is now starting her career as an actress with a short film

So between the two Sushmita Sen adopted daughters, the big sister is all set to be seen in a new role like her mother and we are all looking forward.

Alisah Sen

Ten years after Renee became Sushmita’s child, Alisah also joined Sushmita Sen adopted daughters. Born in 2009, Alisah was adopted by Sushmita when the actress was 24 years old.

She was adopted 10 years after Renee

As the second one of Sushmita Sen adopted daughters is still a little kid, there is not much information about her on the Internet apart from some of the photos and videos shared by her mother.

Sushmita shared on Instagram a video of Alisah reading an essay whose title is “Adopting a child from the orphanage” to celebrate her 10th birthday. The little kid told her mother that she wrote it herself as she reflected on her past and present.

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Alisah is growing into a smart girl

The supremely beautiful and talented mother Sushmita leaves no stones unturned in saving every moment with her daughters. This gesture of Alisah touched Sushmita’s heart and we are lucky to be able to witness this with her.

Alisah Sen was also seen flaunting her acting skill as Hermione Granger in one video and it got people asking that were they witnessing an actor in the making? Check out the video here:

Meanwhile, Sushmita has also got candid on the struggle with Addison disease which is an autoimmune condition. Sushmita Sen disease made the world shock when it was first known about and she has been taking on Nunchaku workout to fight it.

The actress was diagnosed with the adrenal gland-affecting disease in September 2014 and she announced it in a video on Youtube on May 16. She shared that the diagnosis made her feel like she "had no fight left" in her.

The girls and her beau are absolutely Sushmita's biggest love for life

As she said nothing is more exhausting than living with a chronic illness, she decided to follow Nunchaku training to strengthen her body. Also, Sushmita Sen adopted daughters helped her big time in fighting the disease as they are the biggest metal support for the actress.

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