Sunny Leone Shows Her Artistic Side By Revealing Painting That Represents The Current Pandemic

Hai Hoang |Apr 28, 2020

Sunny Leone proves that she's the all-rounder it-girl by completing her abstract pandemic-presenting painting, all the while taking care of her three children with the help of only her husband and a nanny.

It’s finally here. After several teasers of Sunny Leone painting during lockdown were shared on social media sites, the actress has, at last, let us see her final work.

After refusing to let the current lockdown to keep herself from doing interesting activities, the actress decided to embark on an amateur painter’s path with an abstract painting. Calling her painting a “lockdown piece of art”, she hopes it would successfully represent the upsetting status-quo of our world.

Sunny Leone hot photos
The nearly-40 actress is not only smoking hot but also talented.

She posted on Instagram with the following caption:

“Finally done my lockdown piece of art. Have taken 40 days. It’s called ‘broken glass’ sort of like our lives at the moment. Everything might feel shattered, but every piece is meant to be next to each other to be made whole again. So if we can work together we also will feel whole again and come back together. Love you all.”

Sunny Leone Lockdown Painting
Sunny Leone painting symbolizes the current state of the world

Posing on Instagram as a loving mother-of-three/budding artist, however, her husband-Daniel Weber, jokingly revealed a different story through his placards that say

“Help me! She is driving me crazy. She sleeps all day, her cooking sucks, she’s so lazy, she lives in pajamas, she takes selfies all day.”

Sunny Leone And Husband During Quarantine
Sunny Leone and her husband during the quarantine

All jokes aside, it is heart-warming to see how close-knitted the young family is. Despite being a successful couple, Sunny and Weber only hire one nanny to help them take care of their three kids – Nisha, Noah, and Asher, so that they would be able to spend as much time as possible with the children, doing family activities like cooking and Zumba-dancing. Last month, they took all three children “out” on strollers. “Out” here literally means just outside of their house, by strolling the children around their huge mansion.

Sunny Leone Dancing With Children
The happy couple dancing while their children cheering

In the goofy Instagram clip, the couple is shown dancing around their kids’ strollers, singing and laughing. Nisha, Noah, and Asher seemed to have enjoyed it too, they couldn’t stop nodding and clapping along with their mom and dad. In a time like this, it really pays off to have a large house so that you can just walk around it to meet your daily exercise goal without having to break the law by leaving your property, risking exposure to possible virus carriers.

We can see that she optimize every opportunity to burn off calories, let it be Zumba dancing, working on her Sunny Leone painting, or just taking her family out for a stroll. Perhaps that why at the age of 38, she still has a much-desired body. Watch her hot dance in the video below!

So, what do you think about the video as well as Sunny Leone painting during lockdown?

Leave your comments in the box so others can read them too! And don't forget to come back for more interesting posts!

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