Sunil Grover Says He Is Drawing Female Attention Now Since He Appeared In “Bharat”

Nalini Suri |Jul 08, 2019

Sunil Grover playing as Salman Khan’s friend in “Bharat” says there is a new development to his life of getting female attention.

Sunil Grover has gained benefits immensely after the success of the film Bharat while tickling millions of people’s funny bone throughout the years. Besides the bigger recognition, an added factor of female attraction turns Sunil Grover burst into laughter.

Sunil Grover

When being asked what has changed after taking a defined role in Bharat, he says


Sunil Grover, Salman Khan

Sunil also unveils the best thing when playing as Salman Khan’s best friend in the film Bharat:


Sunil Grover

Apart from rolling people in laughing by his TV sketches earlier, Sunil has also been seen in some films such as Patakha in 2018 led by Baaghi and Vishal Bhardwaj which also starred Tiger Shroff.

He shares about creating a private space for his own


Sunil Grover

Sunil says when being asked if the box office collections of his film is a matter to the actor.


After completing a certain role to achieve the success of Bharat, many people know more about TV actor Sunil Grover. It is correct that his attraction to not only female but also most of the audience has been rising up.


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