Mukesh Chhabra Suspended From Kizie Aur Manny Because Of Sexual Assault Accusations

Laavanya Hien |Oct 19, 2018

Mukesh Chhabra, a famous Bollywood director has recently suffered from a suspense from this film due to the allegations of sexual molestation.

Mukesh Chhabra, a famous Bollywood director who was about to have his first directorial appearance in Kizie Aur Manny has recently suffered from a suspense from this film due to the allegations of sexual molestation. Star India, a renowned film studio launched a statement. It says that it will surely take the accusations of sexual assault of the female at the working environment in a very serious way.

A statement on Friday by Fox Star India was ongoing on Twitter. It is a fact that Star India is a trustworthy and liable association. Hence, it would take no hesitation to take sexual assault accusations of the female in the working environment into serious consideration. That’s why Fox Star has decided to suspend Mukesh Chhabra from the upcoming comedy romantic film.

The film is still in the producing process and Mukesh takes charged of being its director. However, from this sexual case, he doesn’t have any role in contributing to the film. Plus, he still had to be suspended until ICC of his Casting Company wrapped up that the investigation into the accusations will be against him.

Further information of sexual harassment case against Mukesh Chhabra

There are two women who have laid a charge against Mukesh Chhabra for sexual molestation. According to a report from Mid Day, they have accounts of these unknown women who allege that this man committed sexual assault to them during auditions. The report also reveals that Mukesh asked them to act a similar scene. Unexpectedly, it portrayed the heroine as well as the hero tightly hugging the other.

Mukesh Chhabra

Specifically, Mukesh Chhabra even showed her how to perform exactly like the scene. While doing that, he felt that women up and grabbed her at the same time. He got her so closely that she could feel obviously his hand touch her butt. Immediately, she was really shocked at what he did. Then, she tried her best to dodge. Mukesh seemed to become conscious of her nervousness, which made him begin to apologize in a straight way. At this point, he said that he thought this woman would be fine with this as many other girls were fine too.

The report also unveiled another truth involving this sexual harassment. According to it, there exists a recording of a phone conversation of Mukesh Chhabra. He is heard speaking to one more artist that “you need to arrive at an agreement, take physical with those who are in power”.

Mukesh Chhabra denies the accusations

Mukesh had denied all these accusations and then given out a letter. The letter said that it has been really unlucky that those hard-working years has been suppressed due to loads of unknown accusations. To be honest, the ICC committee has helped they put into places for many years.

And, they might feel thankful when this complaint could have transferred to the committee for investigation as well as review. Moreover, the letter also uncovered that this report aimed at sensationalization. And, it is clearly an inspiring piece, then they will dismiss any alleged incident that happened.

On Friday, Sushant Rajput, the main actor of Kizie Aur Manny also illuminated the rumour about his misconduct towards his Bollywood coworker, Sanjana Sanghi. To prove innocent, Sushant disclosed several screenshots which were about their conversational text. It has read that he found it sad to unveil some personal information. However, it appeared that there existed no way to depict what had been in the middle of that opportune and curated campaign. The period ranges from the very first day to the last one of the shooting. And, this is the thing that took place during the shoot with Sanjana.

Mukesh Chhabra

In this matter, Sushant received support from Mukesh on Twitter. He said that there was no incident like this to take place. What’s more, let’s stop having the Twitter trial or enable a guiltless people to experience the hidden motives from someone else. His tweet also reads that he had to make clear this matter long back on Twitter. Then, he still had to keep it.

Last Words

In India, the #MeToo wave has been widespread since the actress Tanushree Dutta courageously stood up to accuse Nana Patekar of sexual harassment. This serious case happened ten years ago. But, until now, she could become braver to speak her mind. After this case, a series of the same cases took place with many sexual predators. It includes Alok Nath, Sajid Khan, Kailash Kher, Chetan Bhagat, Rajat Kapoor, Vikas Bahl, and so on.


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