The Reason Why Sreesanth’s Shaving His Head For Bigg Boss 12 Makes His Wife Burst Into Tears!

Author |Sep 17, 2018

After his cricket career fell apart, Sreesanth decided to showcase his artistic side by entering into the world of entertainment. After being a part of a few movies and reality shows, Sreesanth has...

Sreesanth  had made up his mind to proudly introduce his artistic related area by taking his steps to the entertaining world after the breakup of his cricket career path. Before being a potential contestant of Bigg Boss 12, Sreesanth has participated in several reality shows as well as movies.

Sreesanths Wife On Him Shaving His Head

Recently, he has demonstrated how struggling his life is. Also, he revealed that he had a wonderful wife, Bhuvaneshwari Kumari who supports him a lot in both the real life and his career. During the premiere, she’s full of emotions to say goodbye to Sreesanth because her husband is going to be locked up in the glass house. Bhuvaneshwari specifically asked the makers of Big Boss not to let him go bald for the film. For sure, there is a reason to explain why she had that request.

Bhuvaneshwari said that she will agree with any task that his husband involves in acting the film. But, the only one thing she could not be okay is that if Sreesanth’s head is shaved. So, what’s the special reason involving shaving his head.

What’s the real reason?

According to an unknown source disclosing this reason to Bollywood life, it is because of an advice from Sreesanth’s astrologer. His astrologer has told him against shaving head. Hence, Sreesanth, his wife, and other family members are absolutely serious about this. It also expresses why Bhuvaneshwari specifically asked Bigg Boss’s filmmakers to deal with her request. But, there is still a question that entails this problem “Whether or not Sreesanth’s cricket career path the reason for this?”.

Sreesanth also had another interview with the Mumbai Mirror. During the interview, he opened up a variety of great facts about his acting life as well as his career. As regards the important project of Bigg Boss, Sreesanth desires to participate in it. However, being a part of it did not seem work effectively for him. Although that difficulty, he still tried to be in contact with the show’s organizers.

Not long later, Sreesanth was absorbed in the Bigg Boss season 12. He uncovered his thought in which there is no hidden thing because the show is as possibly real as it could be. Despite of the fact that he wished to achieve it in 2011, it appeared difficult for him to do successfully. But, he still kept his hope to have a close link with the show. Sreesanth would make sure that he could take part in it, regardless how long he had to wait.

Moreover, he felt excited and happy to perform this as his non-cricket career is likely to be sorted. Until now, Sreesanth had certain achievement in four movies. Consequently, he was sure that his potentially artistic side will have roaring success soon.


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