Sonali Brende Enjoys Her Sunday Brunch With Young Professional Chefs

Priyansh Ha |Feb 18, 2019

Among hundreds of options to enjoy Sunday, Sonali Brende chose a special but simple way to spend her day off making brunch with kids.

The weekend is always the best time to enjoy the things we love like hitting the gym, hanging out for a movie for eating out with family. Among hundreds of options to go with, Sonali Brende chose a special but simple way to spend her delightful Sunday. Making brunch with kids.

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The Young Professional Chefs

The actress brought to her Instagram a post telling how she enjoyed her Sunday morning with family and friends on a brunch. Featuring in the video are her son Ranveer Behl and his bestie Vihaan Oberoi. Both of them are focusing on rolling powder and going to make a delicious meal for family and friends. We can feel the enthusiasm and high energy from these young boys. They have the spirits of professional chefs.

Sonali Is Proud Of Her Son

It seems to be a daily family moment, but it definitely means a lot to Sonali. The actress is very proud of her kids as she captioned the video,

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She Gets Back To Work After 5 Months Fighting Against Cancer

After months in New York undergoing treatment for high-grade cancer, Sonali has returned to India last December. She is going to get back to work in a few shows. Her Instagram feed is full of smiles, happiness and delight moments. Sonali is definitely a source of inspiration to fans and follower as she always spreading out the positive thought and energy via social media.

In addition to posts about her health and medical treatment, the actress frequently updates precious moments of her family which are heartwarming.


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