Sona Mohapatra Receives Death Threats From Salman Khan’s Fans For Denouncing Him

Advika Hue |May 30, 2019

Sona Mohapatra has got many death threats from Salman Khan’s fans after she denounced him for insulting Priyanka Chopra.

After singer Sona Mohapatra publicly denounced actor Salman Khan on Twitter because he has been constantly taking a jab at Priyanka Chopra, she received a lot of death threats coming from his angry fans. Sona Mohapatra took a screenshot of one of the threats and posted on social media recently, which immediately caught the attention of the public.

Sona Mohapatra Salman Khan
Sona Mohapatra and Salman Khan (Source: India Today)

Sona Mohapatra took to Twitter and shared a screenshot along with the tweet,

Screenshot 77

In the message she received, a supposed fan of Salman Khan threatened to come to her house to kill her if she says something bad about Salman, using very bad words.

Previously, when actress Priyanka Chopra decided to leave the film Bharat, Salman Khan has repeatedly insulted and criticized her. Salman said Priyanka chose the USA over Bharat and threw away the movie that he thinks is the biggest in her career just to get married.

Screenshot 78

After that, Sona Mohapatra has commented on Salman’s disrespectful behavior,

Screenshot 79

Salman Khan Priyanka Chopra
Priyanka Chopra and Salman Khan couldn't reunite on Bharat (Source: Twitter)

Seems like this isn’t the only time that Sona Mohapatra has exposed Salman on social media. When the Blackbuck case of Salman Khan where he was sentenced for five-year jail for killing two endangered blackbucks in 1998 was raising controversies, Sona also took to Twitter and expressed her anger. Most recently, Sona also post a tweet calling Salman a bully,

Screenshot 80

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