Actress Sridevi's Death Was NOT An Accident, Revealed By DGP Rishiraj Singh

Salena Harshini |Jul 10, 2019

It was unveiled by the PGD of Kerala Jail that actress Sridevi didn't die accidentally as presumed.

Appalling news has been brought about by Rishiraj Singh, DGP of Kerala Jail, that the sudden death of renowned actress Sridevi Kapoor was NOT an accident. Instead, it is stated to be a murder. This case was written in an article on the front page of Kerala Kaumudi newspaper.

Late Sridevi
Late actress Sridevi

Rishiraj Singh unveiled according to Dr. Umadathan, the late noted medical education director and forensic surgeon,

Screenshot 67

Dgp Rishiraj Singh
DGP Rishiraj Singh

The director-general added on,

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For the uninitiated, Dr. Umadathan was in charge of a lot of crucial cases. The DGP shares in the article that he and the forensic expert had worked together for many cases.  The DGP divulged while citing the surgeon,

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Late actress Sridevi

Prior to this, it had been hinted by director Ram Gopal Varma that the death of 54-year-old actress might be suicide,

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Sridevi And Family Actress Sridevi and her family

The director’s statement had caused extreme reactions.

He detailed,

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Finally, he made a conclusion.

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Sridevi 1

The Bollywood legendary actress died on February 24 last year, in a hotel room in Dubai. As stated by the Dubai government, she died due to accidental drowning in the actress’ hotel bathtub.

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