Shakti Kapoor Receives Criticsm For His Sarcastic Comment On Tanushree Dutta

Author |Oct 03, 2018

When asked about the occurrence between Tanushree Dutta and Nana Patekar, the veteran actor Shakti Kapoor made fun of the actress sexual harassment allegations.  

Shakti Kapoor made fun of Tanushree allegations

Tanushree Dutta’s accusations have been center of the entire Bollywood controversy since the actress alleged Nana Patekar of sexually abused her in 2008. However, when Shakti Kapoor was asked about this first-line issue, he made a sarcastic comment that did not go down well with many.

The 66 years old actor said he has no idea about the case because he was a kid at that time. “I don't know anything about this case. This was ten years back. I was a kid back then”, he said.

This comment was shocking to many fans as Shakti is a veteran actor in the Bollywood industry.

Fans lashed out at Shakti Kapoor for his sarcasm words

While many people have extended solidarity to Tanushree Dutta, Shakti Kapoor’s comment stirred up anger. The Internet was flooded with post against Shakti Kapoor, some even recalled Shakti casting scandal in 2005.

An angry fan recalled Shakti Kapoor's controversy casting in 2005, sarcastically called him "notorious person"

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Other account said that sexual harassment can happen to anyone, therefore Shakti Kapoor should be mindful about his speech

Shakti Kapoor has featured in more than 700 films throughout his career, mainly play the villainous or comic role in the movie. With a standout experience in the film industry, fans expect him to be more careful with his words.

Tanushree Dutta hasn’t given her opinion on Shakti’s statement

Until now, Tanushree Dutta has not given her opinion about Shakti Kapoor. However, the actress is well known for her straight-forward character. Earlier, the actress also retorts Amitabh Bachchan’s evasive response by expressing her disappointment with the veteran actor.

Meanwhile, Bollywood is split into two directions about Tanushree sexual harassment allegations against actor Nana Patekar. While many celebrities spoke up and lend support to the actress, Nana Patekar was no less supporter.

It's Not For Someone To Cut A Joke


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