Shahrukh Khan Donates Wheelchair To Athletes At Asian Para Games 2018

Samaira Linh |Dec 06, 2018

Recently, Shahrukh Khan decided to donate 50 wheelchairs to Indian athletes at Asian Para Games 2018. He also shares his thought about his cooperator, Deep Malik, and his organization, Meer Foundation

Along with Deepa Malik, the famous actor Shahrukh Khan has also extended his support for Indian athletes participating in Asian Para Games 2018. He decided to donate 50 wheelchairs to the team members to encourage as well as show their support to the people who have spirits with sports.

Meer Foundation is one of the organizations which take action based on serious causes given the attention of the public. Moreover, Shahrukh is always interested in giving his support to people who need his help and also paying attention to his non-profit establishment.

In Paralympic Games, Deepa Malik is the very first Indian woman who gains a medal. She participated with Shahrukh to the farewell of athletes before they go to Asian Para Games. Moreover, along with Shahrukh Khan’s participation, she is even energetic with the activities of her group Wheeling Happiness.

Shah Rukh Khan Donates Wheelchairs
Shah Rukh Khan Donates Wheelchairs

Shahrukh Khan shared his heartfelt thought,


He also revealed his thinking about Deep Malik and about their plan,

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Besides, Deepa Malik expressed her emotion and reflection when she has chances to cooperate with Shahrukh Khan to enlarge Wheeling Happiness and help more people.

Meer Foundation is known to be a non-profit group which works to protect and gains the rights of women in the society.

The purpose of the organization is helping women victims from Acid Attack across the country. Most of the victims injured by acid attacks are given the help of medical treatment, legal support, career guide, and rehabilitation.

All the best effort of Meer Foundation is to help women and children nationally. Furthermore, this organization even hold many meaningful activities such as health camping, movie screenings, and events for disadvantaged kids and women.




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