Naseeruddin Shah said that Virat Kohli was the worst behaved cricket player in this entire world

Priyansh Ha |Dec 18, 2018

By giving ‘world’s worst behaved player’ tildle to Virat Kohli, Naseeruddin Shah has ignited debate on social media. Shah also didn't forget to mock at Kohli added that he did not intend to leave the country.

Shah called Kohli " the world's worst behaved player."

Without beating about the bush, Naseeruddin Shah directly called out Virat Kohli. He considered Kohli as the worst behaved player in the world. This act has brought about a controversy on the internet. Taking a dig at the situation, the actor also added that he didn't intend to the country in the near future.

Taking Criticism

Virat Kohli - the Indian captain has been on all over the news due to the verbal spat between him and captain Tim Paine from Australia throughout the continuing series Down Under. As a matter of fact, Kohli has recently faced multiple serious criticisms in his own homeland. The Veteran actor, later on, started an online controversy by calling Kohli as the worst behaved player of the world via a Facebook post.


Where the fire started

On Shah’s Verified account, he frankly stated that  Virat was not only the best global batsman but also got the worst behaviour as a player in this entire world. The Veteran actor Shah also didn’t forget to mock Kohli. He announced that he was currently not at all having any plan to leave the country.

 A respond from Shah?

The Khan’s facebook account post looks like a response to the recent video in which the 30-year-old cricket player Virat Kohli asked a fan to move out from the country. This all happened after the fan had told that he liked Australian and English batsmen than those from India.


Who would win the debate?

The comment from the skipper has lighted up an online debate. Being the latest to call out Kohli, Shah also takes a dig at the cricketer by stating that with him, there is no intention of moving out of the country. On the other hand, besides harsh criticism for Kohli, some defended the cricket player by saying that aggression is a necessary factor in the battle with Australians. One of those people commented that showing aggression is the only way to beat Aussies. However, Shah also got many supporters as well.


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