Shah Rukh Khan Brings "Zero" To Beijing International Film Festival, Hoping For A "Dangal" Success In China

Priyansh Ha |Apr 12, 2019

"The King of Bollywood" is searching for a triumph with his latest film "Zero".

Our King of Bollywood Shah Rukh Khan is going to attend the Beijing International Film Festival (BIFF) in China next week where his film Zero is chosen to be the closing film. In addition to participating in the film festival, the veteran actor will also give a speech at Sino-India films.

Shah Rukh Khan Zero
Shah Rukh Khan to star in his latest movie Zero (source: Hindustan Times)

Apart from Aamir Khan, King Khan is also famous in China thanks to his drama My Name Is Khan (2010) and his recent movies like Fan or Happy New Year. However, none of them became a blockbuster in China market.

That's why he is looking forward to making some changes in the world's second-biggest movie market, just like Aamir did with Dangal in 2017. It is more than just about making crores but striking a chord of Chinese audience who is familiar with the movie’s storyline.

Indian Films Are Finding Their Ways Into China Market

Since the success of Dangal, this film market has become the new target of Indian film stars. However, it takes time to find out the winning formula in this market.

What are the chances for Indian films to take over Chinese box office? That topic is Khan’s most significant concern in “China-India Film Cooperation Dialogue.” In addition to that, he will also discuss the possible development pathway for Indian and Chinese films in the said event.

744075 651931 Shah Rukh Khan

According to BIFF’s statement on Sino-India film dialogue, the recent years witnessed a rise of Indian films into the Chinese market. Following the miracle of Dangal in 2017, which has made $190 million (Rs 1.9 core) only in mainland China, more and more Indian films have done well in Chinese box offices like Secret Superstar or Bajrangi Bhaijaan. As both India and China are two of the biggest film markets, our film industries have things in common. There is also a potential opportunity for cooperation.


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