OFFICIAL! Shah Rukh Khan Finally Settles Director Atlee To Bloom A New Project After “Zero”

Ankita Chetana |Oct 23, 2019

During a press meeting for the upcoming film “Bigil”, director Atlee has shown off an official expression that he will join hands with Shah Rukh Khan for his next project.

After one year absent from the screen since the latest appearance on Zero, Shah Rukh Khan has been expected to deliver a new blockbuster. Fans have made some hashtags trendy on Twitter to express their hopes of his comeback. And finally, they acquired an enthusiastic response.

Srk With Atlee

There have been some rumours that the superstar will inform his next on his upcoming birthday on November 2nd. Upon it, speculations around his collaboration with Tamil director Atlee have been creating the buzz on the Internet.

It seems like God listened to his fans’ hearts and broke their tremble with excitement as director Harish Shankar opened up about the rumoured collaboration between Shah Rukh Khan and Atlee at the promotion event of Atlee’s Bigil.

Atlee and srk

He spilled the beans:


Watch the full statement from director Harish Shankar the Bigil promotion event here:


During Harish’s talk, Atlee was all ears to the speech and then shook his hands with a warm smile to thank his fellow director. His smile was like a confirmation to the announcement and hit a package of joy for SRK's fans.

Srk With Atlee At Ipl
Shah Rukh Khan was spotted with director Atlee at the IPL in April

Earlier in April, Shah Rukh Khan and the renowned filmmaker were seen together at an IPL match, leading to the rumours that they will team up to create a hit in the near future.


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