Shah Rukh Khan: I Have Never Experienced Completeness; I Am Incomplete!

Rena Quynh |Dec 20, 2018

Shah Rukh Khan shares his thoughts and feelings as a longtime artist on the upcoming movie Zero.

Shah Rukh Khan is obviously one of the most famous superstars in India with his versatile and diverse acting. During an interview, SKR explained the reason why he has always strived to improve and maintained his energy for three decades.


Such a humble artist, Shah Rukh Khan doesn't show off his achievements but prefers to celebrate his important turning points in silence.

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"I have never felt complete. As an artist, I am very incomplete and I know that. If I am not, then I would not like to work. If I am complete then why would I wake up in the morning and work hard and still try to do something?"

His instinct determines him to never hang up his fiddle.

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"I always think, within the commercial cinema set-up that I am working in, how can I bring in something new, as an actor, as a producer, in whatever capacity I can. I am not complete at all, I am very restless. If you think you are complete, then you are boring, over and done with!"

He also shared that many people often think that achieving something in life is their final destination.

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"So I don't think of things as completing. As an old saying goes...the journey is important. If I cross anything, which I think is a good achievement then I don't think of it as an end-line, I think of it as a milestone.  But I don't plan for it. I don't think of 'I should earn this much', or 'I should have that many awards', or 'I have to make that many hit films', I think it is very organic. Because, if you worked in films as long as I have, specifics become less important....". When he starts working on a film, he does not care about what he will get after this movie.

"After twenty-five years of working, I have realised that the only reason you should be working is for the happiness of your heart."

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On the work front, Shah Rukh Khan is going to star in Zero, directed by Aanand L Rai and honouring people with defects. This film also has the appearance of Katrina Kaif as an actor who never feels completed and Anushka Sharma plays a scientist with cerebral palsy.

He emphasized that the characters in the movie are for the sake of seeking sentiment of pity and communion from the public.

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"When films are made on special abilities, normally there is an attempt to gain sympathy. In the entire film, we have tried that all the three characters never ask for sympathy from the audience or the world. We don't want anyone's sympathy or empathy."

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He also added that taking on the role of a short guy is actually a challenge. Yet he wanted people to notice that the figure he is acting doesn't need sympathy from other people.

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"For the last one year, we have been worried that the character's height shouldn't become the mainstay of the film. In the first ten-fifteen minutes and even after the trailer, you overcome that. That doesn't become a gimmick. Aanand and I didn't want that to happen."

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Zero featuring Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif, it is on screens on December 21.


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