Sara Khan's Lip Surgery Has Completed And She Loves It

DungCNT |Jan 14, 2019

Sara Khan was trolled for her lip surgery.

Sara Khan has become the center of attention, especially from the haters. Almost everything the actress posted on her social media account was trolled. She was in the nude in the album song Black Heart several months ago and she received negative comments for this. In the last few days, she was again trolled for a photo posing in her bikini. Sara Khan shared with her fans a good news in recent time. However, once again her latest pictures captured all attention. People wondered and asked her if she has undergone a lip surgery since she looked so different in her full lips.

She received harsh comments on social accounts. Some people thought that she was much better than now. Some said that she looked like "cartoon", "pig" or even "gorilla". Anyway, those comments cannot affect her.

Sara Reacts To The Trolls
Sara Khan is suspected of undergoing a lip surgery

Sara's reaction to the trolls

As Bollywoodlife contacted her on how she reacted to anti-fans' comments, she responded "I'm loving it and laughing at it. The haters can go to any extent to get the attention and I'm used to trolling."

My Lip Surgery Has Got Completely Amazingly Done & I'm Loving It

Sara's lip surgery has completely finished

Reacting to the trolls for her wrong lip surgery, she said that news about her wrong lip surgery has been rumoured a lot. But the actress just wanted to share that her lip surgery has totally done and now she loves it.

Not a lip surgery - Just a lip filler!

Sara shared that she has exactly used a lip filler. So those saying that it's a lip surgery are not correct. She emphasized that a lip surgery and a lip filler are the two totally different things.

She added ""From my debut show till now, I have only done one thing which is to my lips that too just now. Apart from that, I have groomed myself. But there's been no surgery."


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