Sanjay Mishra Interview: “I Do Relate To The Story Of Kaamyaab”

Mohnish Singh |Feb 28, 2020

Sanjay Mishra talks about his upcoming film “Kaamyaab”, which is being presented by superstar Shah Rukh Khan though his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment.

Sanjay Mishra is one of the finest actors working in Indian cinema. He has been a part of several noteworthy films over the years. Some of them got their dues, while others were forgotten. Sanjay Mishra is currently in news for his forthcoming film Kaamyaab.

Kaamyaab is yet another small film featuring Sanjay Mishra in the lead role. But what makes it special is the fact that superstar Shah Rukh Khan has come forward to present the film through his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment.

Ahead of the release of Kaamyaab on 6th March, STARBIZ caught up with Sanjay Mishra and tried to know from his more about his forthcoming offering, if he relates to the character that he essays in the film and how Shah Rukh Khan’s association as a presenter going to help the movie. Edited excerpts from a freewheeling conversation with the immensely talented and award-winning actor…

Kaamyaab is being presented by superstar Shah Rukh Khan though his production house, Red Chillies Entertainment

Is the character that you play in Kaamyaab close to you in real life?

Someone just watched the trailer of the film and wrote that a lot of actors will cry after watching this movie. So, it is very close to who I am, as it is a story of an actor. This is the story which needs recognition for itself and the actors, because everyone wants to be recognized for what they do, no matter what walks of life they come from.

Did the journey of the character you essay in Kaamyaab touch you on a personal level?

I do relate to it. Look at Amitabh Bachchan; he is still standing on his legs and working tirelessly, whereas several other actors of his age and era are only interested in their farmhouses. That is why he is perennially young. So, when people ask who is the youth? It is Amitabh Bachchan and not someone who is lying somewhere drunk. So, it is like keeping the light alive and your identity is only for yourself and not for the entire world. Success does not mean thousand people wanting your autograph or photograph, it means self-satisfaction.

The Sanjay Mishra starrer revolves around the life of a junior artist

Once you said that you are not interested in awards but audiences…

Yeah, I had said that for the National Film Award. It is an award which is conferred upon an artist by the government of India, and it is their job to make way for good movies to reach people. I featured in a film called Turtle, who was made by a guy coming from Gujarat. It was based on water crisis and the government selected it for the National Award. This reaches out to audiences. A guy in Nagpur might get inspired by National Cinematography Award’ he might consider watching the movie because it will interest him. So, such movies get awards but it should also be shown to people and students. These children will get to know about water crisis which will help in creating awareness. There are many cities in India where there is no water. So, throw away the National Award, a book, a theatre and a show, all the movies nominated for the national award. Let people see it.

You have been a part of many notable films which deserved the National Award.

My film Ankhon Dekhi (2014) was not considered, but Kadvi Hawa (2017) did receive a special mention at the National Award. All these movies should reach out to people. Shah Rukh Khan has movies with 200-300 crores but now he has taken a stand that he will make one of the best films but this should have been done by the government.

The trailer of the film has been received well by the audience.

How much difference does it make when Shah Rukh Khan and Red Chillies Entertainment have come forward to associate themselves with your film Kaamyaab?

The trailer would have received only 6,000 views, but as Shah Rukh Khan came in, views notched up to 30,000 and then to 85,000. So, the struggle would have been very long to reach it out to the audience. The trailer of Kadvi Hawa did not get so many views till date but this trailer got it in few hours. So, it is clearly Shah Rukh Khan’s magic.

You have been working in Bollywood for several decades now. How satisfied are you as an actor?

This city (Mumbai) makes you from a friend to a sir in no time. When someone who called you by your name, now calls you sir, then that satisfaction is there. Money part depends on your destiny. Some people do nothing and still get the money, some work lifetime but still run behind EMIs. But I have never worked for money; I have done few films for free also. I never take money for short films that I do. But the character I get in those short films is not something I get in a feature film. So that thirst to portray that character is not in earning money.

What are the high points of Kaamyaab?

The most interesting time was when the shoot for Kaamyaab got over, everyone said we all will party and just then Total Dhamaal picked me up. I was put into Total Dhamaal’s look within one hour. The director was shocked. I told him this is what an actor does! The story of Kaamyaab is very interesting. At some points, I really cried because I have gone through these phases.

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