[BREAKING] Sanjay Dutt Diagnosed With Stage 3 Lung Cancer, Will Leave For US For Treatment Like Rishi Kapoor

Salena Harshini |Aug 12, 2020

Sanjay Dutt has stage 3 lung cancer, was tested for COVID-19 after he said he had problems with breathing. And the result is?

Famous Bollywood actor Sanjay Dutt has recently been diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and the news is rocking the entire industry. The 61-year-old star was rushed to Lilavati Hospital in Mumbai after his complaint of chest discomfort and breathing problem. However, he was discharged in one day.

The news of Sanjay Dutt's illness came as a shock to netizens

Sanjay Dutt’s oxygen level was oscillating from 90 to 92% when he was admitted to the hospital. The actor was instantly tested for the coronavirus via a fast antigen kit. However, the test result was negative as it did not show any existence of the virus’ pathogen. Later, reports came about that Sanjay Dutt has fluid in his chest.

Previously in the day, he shared with fans that the actor is taking a break. He said he needed a break for his medical treatment and wished fans would not pay attention to other speculations.

Sanjay 1

In his post, he said,

"Hi friends, I am taking a short break from work for some medical treatment. My family and friends are with me and I urge my well-wishers not to worry or unnecessarily speculate. With your love and good wishes, I will be back soon.”

Like Rishi Kapoor, Sanjay Dutt will also leave for the US for treatment?

A close friend of Sanjay Dutt disclosed to a website that the Sanju actor is devastated. He also said Sanjay is concerned about his children who are now in Dubai with their mother Maanayata Dutt.

The friend also stated that the illness can be cured but it needs rigorous and immediate treatment. Therefore, Sanjay Dutt will go to the United States for treatment.

Sanjay Rishi
Sanjay Dutt with Rishi Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor in an old photo

Late actor Rishi Kapoor also suffered from cancer and had to travel back and forth from India to the US for his treatment. It seems that now Sanjay Dutt also has to do the same thing to better his health as soon as possible.

What is stage 3 lung cancer?

Lung cancer is a kind of cancer that starts in one’s lungs. Stage 3 lung cancer is fathomed as when it has started to spread beyond the lung. The stages are used to help medical doctors describe where the cancer is and how it likely is in order to have the specific treatments.

Lung Cancer
Stage 3 lung cancer is when the cancer starts spreading to other tissue

As per WebMD, stage 3 cancer is only in one lung for most cases. It is also limited to the organs, lymph nodes as well as other things near the organ. Hence, cancer has not metastasized farther than that.

The next stage, stage 4, is the most serious and the last stage of cancer.

Wishes from celebs and fans for Sanjay Dutt

Among those who have been pouring empathy and wishes for the actor is actor Adhyayan Suman, who tweeted,

Fans are also showing Sanjay Dutt with get-well-soon wishes, hoping that the actor would have a speedy recovery.

Sanjay 2

Sanjay 3

Sanjay 4

Sanjay 5

Sanjay 6

Sanjay Dutt is one of the most influential and busiest stars of B-town. Last year, the actor appeared in three movies: Kalnak, Panipat, and Prassthanam.

His next project will be Sadak 2 which also stars Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur. This film is the follow-up of the 1991 hit Sadak.

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