Sajid Khan Asked Me About My B**bs; Told Me To Strip, Actress Rachel White

Author |Oct 12, 2018

After Saloni Chopra and journalist Karishma Upadhyay raised their voice accused Sajid Khan of sexual harassment, another victim has come out.

Another victim has come out and added weight to sexual harassment claim against Sajid Khan after Saloni Chopra and Karishma Upadhyay revelation. The model and actress Rachel White said that filmmaker Sajid Khan harrassed her during the casting for ‘Humshakals”.

In more detail, she recalled her horrific memory on that day when the director asked her to take off her clothes and seduce him for 5 minutes. He reasoned that it was for a bikini scene on the movie and that was necessary for a good assessment.

Sajid Asked Rachel To Meet Him At His House


Sajid Khan wanted to cast Rachel at his house

It was when Rachel White’agency informed her about Sajid Khan had scheduled to interview her. However, the venue of the meeting was in Sajid house which sound seems astonishing to her.

“Righ after my agency told me about the interview, director Sajid called to make an appointment at his house,” the actress said.

'It Was His Bedroom'


It was Sajid bedroom

Talking about the “sensitive” casting venue at that time, Rachel confided that she felt extremely uncomfortable with it. Still, Sajid reassures her said that he lives together with his mom and she would be around. However, when she arrived, his housemaid pointed Rachel to Sajid’s room.

“It was his bedroom”, Rachel recalled the embarrassing moment.

'He Was Directly Staring At Me'


“He was directly staring down at me”

Sajid Khan, with a smirk on his face, “was directly staring down at me”, Rachel continues her story.

'He Asked Me To Strip For Him'


Sajid asked the actress to take off her clothes

After that awkward moment, Sajid even came forward and boldly asked the actress to take off her clothes. He reasoned that Humshakals had a bikini seen and he had to see by his ‘naked-eye’ if the actress fit for the role. Despite her firm denial, Sajid still convinced her to strip.

“I can wear a bikini and parade in your office, not at your house”, Rachel firmly said to Humshakals director.

'He Asked Me To Seduce Him In 5 Mins & The Role Was Mine'


“Try to seduce me in 5 minutes and I will give you this role”

It was not the end of the story, the filmmaker even mentioned “no one has problem with this” and named actresses who earlier casted “in this way”. Lastly, Sajid Khan requested Rachel to seduce him and if she succeed, he would gave her a role in Humshakals.

“I did not mentally prepared for this situation,” Rachel answered him and left the house as quickly as possible.


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