Amrita Singh: Saif Ali Khan First Wife And Her Little-Known Facts

Salena Harshini |Dec 01, 2020

Amrita Singh, as an esteemed actress and Saif Ali Khan first wife, is enjoying a happy life with her kids after her broken marriage. See her fanciable photos and intriguing facts here!

She used to be the exemplary Punjabi kundi of B-town and he was Hindi’s movie industry urban rockstar. The relationship of Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan was the talk of the town from start to finish. So besides the love story that raised the biggest storms in Indian showbiz, we will enlighten you with some lesser-known facts about Saif Ali Khan first wife.

Saif Ali Khan Amrita
Check out facts and mesmerizing pics of Saif Ali Khan first wife below

Saif Ali Khan wife

Saif Ali Khan got married to Amrita who is 12 years senior to him in 1991 and they have two children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan. After 13 years, they got divorced and their messy separation cooked up myriads of controversies back then.

Amrita Singh
Amrita Singh young days is a sight to behold

Saif then took another step as he tied the knot with actress Kareena Kapoor Khan in 2012 while Amrita decided to steer clear from marriage and stay with her kids.

Saif Ali Khan first wife

Amrita Singh was a quintessential actress of Bollywood in the 80s and she still remains known for her blunt chirpiness, nature, and powerful acting. Apart from the Saif Ali Khan first wife title, there are also interesting facts about her that she may have not known about.

We can see where Sara Ali Khan inherit her beauty from

1. Saif Ali Khan first wife age is 62 years old as of 2020. Amrita Singh was born on 9 February 1958.

2. Amrita Singh is the famous former novelist Khushwant Singh’s niece. She is also related to multiple other personalities in the movie fraternity.

Amrita Singh3
Amrita Singh is a true beauty

3. Before debuting as an actress, she used to be a belly dancer. Her mother Rukhsana Sultana was a controversial politician who was reported to help her a lot in entering Bollywood.

4. The actress had a successful debut with superhit Betaab in 1983 alongside Sunny Deol. After the 1983 film, there was no turning back for Amrita Singh.

She also made headlines for her sizzling chemistry with Sunny Deol and the two reportedly did date at that time.

Sunny Deol Amrita Singh Romance Betaab Hindi Roman
Sunne Deol and Amrita Singh was a couple

However, Amrita’s mother did not approve of her romance with him because she wanted her daughter to get married to a rich man whose background is aristocratic instead of only an actor.

5. After breaking up with Sunny, she was was allegedly in a relationship with cricketer Ravi Shastri. Grapevines said that she played an essential role in his life as Amrita always made certain to enhance his morals before every cricket match he played.

Ravi Shastri Amrita
Saif Ali Khan first wife was with Ravi Shastri

6. However, they still broke up and it was Vinod Khanna who became her next beau. Rumors had it that she was obsessed with him who is 12 years older than her. Well, destiny had a surprising turn for her as, after this, Amrita Sigh and Saif Ali Khan fell in love and got married although Saif is 12 years younger than the actress.

Vinod Khanna Amrita
Vinod Khanna, who Amrita was obsessed with, was an actor, film producer and politician

7. The two met on Rahul Rawli's movie set in which Kajol and Saif played the lead roles. Saif who was in his 20s immediately became smitten with Amrita the moment she saw her. Looking at Amrita Singh young pictures, we can totally get why she had Saif wrapped around her finger. The actor was struggling to find a foothold for himself then while Amrita Singh was already an esteemed actress.

Saif Amrita
But then she got married to Saif who is much younger than her

Their whirlwind romance budded from the moment Saif decided to call her home number to invite her to dinner. But to his surprise, she said she did not go out for dinner and he could come to her house for dinner if he liked. No need to say, he instantly rushed to her place that same night.

Saif Ali Khan had said in his own words, “I did not go over there with any kind of expectations. I just wanted to have a nice time with her and get to know her better.”

Amrita Singh1
Amrita Singh young pics proved how much a stunner Saif Ali Khan first wife was

The two talked about so many things including their professional and private life until they saw the sunlight. They felt a huge spark and as the fire between them ignited, they kissed. Saif Ali Khan didn’t leave her house for the next two days. It was when the directors' and producers’ calls became unbearable that he had to resume shooting.

8. Their decision to get hitched was a shock to the world. And although her parents were not happy with the fact that she married a man who is 12 years younger and not yet established a place for himself in the movie world, they walked down the aisle in a lavish ceremony in October 1991. She even converted to Islam to be able to marry Saif.

Amrita Singh2
Amrita Singh and Saif Ali Khan, to fans' grief, were in fact not meant to be

9. The children of Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh are the most beautiful star kids in town, Sara and Ibrahim Ali Khan. After 13 years together, Saif Ali Khan and Amrita Singh broke up in 2004. Words on the streets had it that Saif’s closeness with Rosa Catalano got their marriage go downhill.

Amrita Singh Sara Ibrahim
Saif Ali Khan children are two respectful, beautiful kids

10. After divorce, Saif Ali Khan first wife dedicated her life to nurturing her children. After a long hiatus, she came back with Flying Jatt, 2 States, and Hindi Medium starring late actor Irrfan Khan.

125431151 149018890301946 4147807968231907651 N
They are all grown up now under the upbringing of their mother

Leaving her middle to perfect career to be a housewife, Amrita Singh did not have a perfect romance like everyone thought she would, but now that all have moved on with the past, she is enjoying a happy life with her kids.

Saif Ali Khan family

Saif Ali Khan got married the second time to Bebo Kareena Kapoor. They have Taimur Ali Khan as their first kid and the two are expecting the second child.

Saif Family
Saif Ali Khan family

Saif Ali Khan family is now an adored clan as his first two kids also got along well with his family. Taimur Ali Khan is a universal favorite munchkin while Kareena shares a great relationship with both Sara and Ibrahim.

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