Saiee Manjrekar Wishes To Buy THIS Luxury Car For Her Mother

Mohnish Singh |Dec 25, 2019

Saiee Manjrekar is the daughter of well-known actor-filmmaker Mahesh Manjrekar. She has just begun her acting career with Salman Khan’s “Dabangg 3”.

Saiee Manjrekar, who is the daughter of Mahesh Manjrekar and Medha Manjrekar, has just begun her acting career with Salman Khan’s Dabangg 3, which released on 20th December. The debutante has been receiving great response for her performance in the film, also featuring Sonakshi Sinha and Kichcha Sudeep in the lead roles.


Recently, STARBIZ caught up with Saiee Manjrekar and asked her if she ever had any plan B in case acting would not have happened to her. Answering the question, she said, “I met my mother’s friend once, who was a neurosurgeon and I had no idea what that very big word meant. I was very young then. I was like, “What is a neurosurgeon?” He said, “I do surgery on the brain”. He gave me all this knowledge and used all those big words. So, I was like, “Okay, okay, this is very interesting and I will become a neurosurgeon, ear lots of money and buy my mother a Pink Rolls-Royce.”

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Saiee Manjrekar went on to add that buying a pink Rolls-Royce for her mother has been a dream for her. “That has always been my dream, to buy my mother a pink Rolls-Royce. That was a phase and then I realised that science was not my cup of tea.

At one point, Saiee Manjrekar also wanted to be a sumo wrestler. “Then there is a tiny piece which I think many people must have heard of the sumo wrestling. That was when I was very young, 5 years old maybe. Everyone was telling me that I was really plump and I would never play sports, sit at home in bed, watching cartoons and eat all day. My mother used to say, “Go, play something, go eat some fruits, some vegetables.” I just wanted to escape it. I don’t want to play sports, I don’t want to eat fruits, I don’t want to eat vegetables. So, I was watching Doremon and these two sumo wrestlers came on and I said, “Perfect. I want to become a sumo wrestler, now I don’t need to go to the gym, I don’t need to go play football, I don’t need to eat vegetables, just give me food make me healthy,” concluded Saiee Manjrekar.

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