Rohit Shetty Will Have The First Female Cop Appear In His Singham Series Like Captain Marvel Of The Marvel Universe

Advika Hue |Mar 24, 2019

Director Rohit Shetty has recently opened up about his police universe and the upcoming film with a female cop being the lead.

The super cop series of Bollywood such as Simmba and Singham is like the superhero movie series Avengers to the Hollywood. And there will be another name that is going to be added to the list of cop films by Rohit Shetty - the Akshay Kumar starrer Sooryavanshi.

In a recent interview, the main director of the film said that he wanted to build a cop film universe like the Marvel Universe because the policemen are like heroes to him. Director Rohit Shetty has directed many great police films like Singham, Simmba, Singham Returns and the upcoming Sooryavanshi.

Rohit Shetty and Ranveer Singh (Source: Instagram)

Recently, Rohit also announced that when the film Sooryavanshi of Akshay Kumar is released, he will continue the Singham series with a female lead police film.

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Rohit also shared that the Marvel Universe with Avengers movie series has inspired him to create his own Bollywood universe for the cop.

Rohit 5
Source: Pinkvilla

However, according to Rohit Shetty, it is challenging to reproduce a heroes' universe like Marvel and achieve great success like Avengers movies in Bollywood. Therefore, he attempted to create a universe of policemen instead. Rohit also said that he was worried that the audience would have negative reactions to the combination of Simma and Singham in his most recently made film.

But the film turned out to be extremely successful, even Rohit himself was surprised about that. Following that success, he decided to make more cop films and his cop heroes will be on different films, just like the Avengers. Not only that, Rohit will introduce a female cop as the lead in his movie for the first time, just like the Captain Marvel of the Avengers.


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