REVEALED: Salman Khan Has Never Been Proposed By Any Girl

Imran Asif Fazal |Jul 11, 2019

Salman Khan was recently seen with his rumoured beau Iulia Vantaur at Sangeeta Bijlani's birthday bash.

Dabangg actor Salman Khan has revealed his reason for being single, "NO GIRL HAS PROPOSED HIM EVER."

After calling himself to as a virgin on Koffee With Karan show, Bhaijaan has revealed in an interview that he never got an opportunity to deny or accept any proposal from a girl. After this news went viral, many female fans of Salman Khan proposed him online for marriage.

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It seems that Salman Khan will not give away his throne of being a bachelor soon. Salman Khan has been into many relationships but it never led to marriage. Recently the actor was seen in his ex-girlfriend Sangeeta Bijlani's birthday bash. He has been asked repeatedly for two decades about his marital plans.

Salman Khan when asked whether he has been proposed by any girl, he said,


There were rumors of Bhaijaan planning to get married to Romanian actress Iulia Vanaur, she was recently seen with him at Sangeeta Bijlani's birthday party along with Salman. Speaking about the rumors, she said, that she is "aware of the rumors" but "most of them are not true" and she cannot stop people from making stories.

She also stated that has a lot of respect for Salman. However, she feels "not everything turns out the way one expects them to" and not everything is in one's will. Iulia concluded saying that whatever is meant to happen will happen.

Well, it will be worth to wait and watch to see Salman Khan losing his bachelor crown and virginity at least in a few years!


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