Resemblance Bang!! Can You Recognize The Real Katrina Kaif And Alina Rai In These Pics?

Nalini Suri |Sep 21, 2019

There are some people looking alike over the world but the case of Katrina Kaif and Alina Rai will really confuse your mind when they often appear on the Internet.

The latest popular Tik Tok star Alina Rai looks like a replication of Bollywood hottest actress Katrina Kaif that dazzles you with their images. Their striking resemblance is so magical that your eyes will run around to distinguish who is the real celebrity of the tinsel town.

Katrina Kaif vs Alina Rai

After creating the buzz with her performance on Tik Tok, Alina has grown her popularity with her photos showing her as an exact copy to Katrina. Through the media, the starlet has built their own sensational trend and brand but more than that, people have been confusing with her similarity to the Bharat actress.

Katrina Kaif vs Alina Rai

We are sure that you will mistake the real pic from Katrina! Not only looking alike the Bollywood diva, but Alina also originates from the UK, that’s what rules our head exactly! But the Tik Tok star holds a difference from Katrina when she belongs to a Gujarati family.

In 2018, Alina moved to India to develop her acting and modelling career as she is stepping into the glam world with her movie debut named Lucknow Junction.

Alina Rai
Source: Instagram

As long as her ‘twin’ Katrina makes sense with her fashionable style, the Tik Tok star is also a blogger in the field of fashion and quickly becomes the online sensation.

Imitating the well-known dialogues from various movies in B-town, her video on Tik Tok got clicked several times and attracted many echoes.

Alina Rai

Our eyes are getting down to blur since seeing her on the social media and thinking about Katrina Kaif for the overall similarity.

Alina Rai

After a certain time appearing on the Internet, Alina draws over 166k followers on Tik Tok and is followed by 34k Instagram accounts. You cannot leave your eyes off her photos and shout out loud: “Incredible!”

Alina Rai

She is totally considered to be like two peas in a pod with Katrina that raises a funny query in many people’s heads if she is the gorgeous actress’ long-lost twin.


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