Real Height Of Bollywood Actors Without Shoes | Does Height Decide The Success Of A Movie Star?

Leela Adwani |Jan 19, 2021

Check out the real height of Bollywood actors without shoes list to know whether they lie about their height or not?

Most actors in the tinsel town lie about their height and that’s understandable why the real height of Bollywood actors without shoes always draws the attention of the public.

Real Height Of Bollywood Actors Without Shoes
Real Height Of Bollywood Actors Without Shoes

If a man’s height is considered his asset, then a great height helps ladies in their work. However, is the height everything with a movie star? Read on to find the answer.

Deepika Padukone – 5’ 9’’ Feet

Started her career in the modeling industry, it will not come as a surprise when Deepika owns an impressive height. She also makes it to the top 10 tallest actresses in Bollywood. The list of real height of Bollywood actors without shoes cannot be complete without her.

Deepika Padukone Tall
Deepika is one of the tallest divas in B-town

Not only Deepika make it big in the Hindi cinema but she also leaves a mark on the international fans’ minds. With an outstanding and striking appearance, Deepika is on her way to becoming a global icon.

Deepika And Ranveer
She looks taller than her husband when wearing high heels (source: Viral Bhayani)

Amir Khan – 5’ 5’’ Feet

Yes, you don’t read it wrong as Amir Khan is actually shorter than Deepika Padukone. However, Amir Khan obviously proved to us that height can’t decide his position in the film industry. Being one of a few superstars who choose to live a low-key life, Amir Khan has earned the admiration of people from all quarters.

Aamir Khan Height
"Do I look like I care too much about my height?" - No

Alia Bhatt – 5’ 22’’ Feet

Touted as Bollywood sweetheart, Alia Bhatt who made her Bollywood debut in the film Student of The Year in 2012 has been one of the most-loved actresses in town. With an ever-sweet look, Alia is said to be the national crush.

Alia Bhatt Height
She is actually a short girl

Other than acting talent, she also makes headlines for her fashion statements. She is one of the most well-dressed divas in town. However, it would not bat an eyelid but she is only 5’ 2’’ feet.

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Saif Ali Khan – 5’ 7’’ feet

Real height of Bollywood actors without shoes list will continue with yet another big star. Still shorter than Deepika but a bit taller than Amir, Saif Ali Khan is also an ultimate example of height is not a big deal. Saif is currently a big name in the industry and about to welcome his second child with Kareena Kapoor.

Saif Ali Khan Height
Way too charming at the age of 50 despite how tall he is

Disha Patani – 5’ 7’’ feet

A rising star in the tinsel town, Disha has established her image as a fit and sexy actress. Not only her height, weight but her figure measurements are also near perfect.

Disha Patani height
Disha gives us major body goals

Anushka Sharma – 5’ 9’’ feet

Post-graduation from college, Anushka decided to move to Mumbai to pursue her modeling career. She was one of the most sought-after faces during her heyday as a model. At a height of 5’ 9’’, the diva is reportedly taller than over 86% and shorter than only 14% of all females. Obviously, records have it that she is taller than the average.

Anushka Sharma Height
before becoming an actress, she was a model

Shraddha Kapoor – 5’ 5’’ feet

Shraddha who recently topped the list of most desirable women in 2020 is approximately 5’5’’ tall. With a weight of around 50kg, the actress has a body to die for.

Shraddha Kapoor Height
She is the most desirable woman in India in 2020

She now has a massive fan base on social media with 57.5 million followers on Instagram where she wows everyone with her high-fashion outfits. There is no surprise when Shradha’s name is found in the list of real height of Bollywood actors without shoes.

Shah Rukh Khan – 5’ 75’’ feet

It’s not far off the mark to say the whole Internet is obsessed with SRK’s charm on the screen. Women can’t get enough of his smile, his dimple while men look up to him as a role model. Doesn’t own a great height, just at a medium level, SRK in our heart is still a king of Bollywood.

Shah Rukh Khan
Shah Rukh Khan's height is average

Ananya Pandey – 5’ 7’’ feet

Next on our real height of Bollywood actors without shoes list is the new kid on the block, Ananya Pandey. Making her entry into the film world with the film Student of the year 2 in 2019, Ananya has outdone herself to gain the love from the audience. She is also an Instagram sensation with a considerable fan following.

Ananya Pandey
Innocent face but with a great height

Sidharth Malhotra – 6’ 1’’ feet

Tallboy Sidharth is, of course, a must in the real height of Bollywood actors without shoes list. It would not be an overstatement to say tallboys always catch the eyes of women and Sidharth Malhotra is the case in point. Ever since he made his debut in the film industry, the heartbreakingly handsome actor has girls swooning over him. He is said to be eye candy material. Without a doubt, he is a favorite amongst ladies.

Sidharth Malhotra
eye candy material

Sunny Leone – 5’ 4’’ feet

The woman in the dream of millions of Indian men is none other than Sunny Leone. Even though she already settled down and is the doting mother to three beautiful children, the actress still makes men go weak at the knees despite how tall she is.

Sunny Leone
Can you guess her height without knowing it before?

There are a lot of actors in Bollywood but we only mentioned the names that are discussed the most on the Internet. Hope that the real height of Bollywood actors without shoes list can fulfill your curiosity.

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