Rani Mukerji On Hichki Grossing Rs 150 Crore In China!

ThuyNT |Nov 06, 2018

Rani Mukerji says she knew that Indian films were popular in China but it was still a surprise to witness the love and respect the audiences have for Bollywood stars when she visited the country to

Actress Rani Mukerji had a chance to visit China to promote her new movie, Hichki. Rani Mukerji admitted that she knew Indian movies were widely popular in China, but she was still surprised because of Chinese audiences’ fondness and respect to Bollywood stars. The actor acts a teacher who lives with Tourette syndrome, a neurological disorder that results in involuntary vocalizations.

Rani went on a multi-city tour to carry out promotional campaigns for the movie - which released in India in March this year - is recently hitting the China theatres. Hichki has grossed Rs 150 crore at the Chinese box office.


Rain stated that it was impressive to witness Chinese audiences react to the movies in the same way with Indian people. She said the audiences could feel and understood all the emotions layer of the movie. Besides, many people had watched and known about the film, the actress had received lots of positivity. Rani Mukerji also answered PTI in an interview that she had already known about Bollywood films’ popularity in China, but she had never expected to that level before she visited the country.

Actress Rani Mukerji added that she made a decision to be a role of the promotions in China as she desired to see the love first hand and improve her experience. The whole trip was much more meaningful and stimulating for her because she had a chance to communicate with Chinese audiences and received their support. The actress was still surprised when sharing her unforgettable experience about the affection and respect of Chinese for Indian artists. 

According to Rani Mukerji, Hichki was so special for her at that time because it remarked her comeback after the birth of her beloved daughter, Adira. She confessed that the filming time was challenging for her so much as Hichki was the first project after her birth and she always worried about her little child. Rani Mukerji had to leave the daughter behind to go filming, but luckily everything was alright. Having a child is also great since now the actor always pays full attention to work to complete it quickly and comes back home at once.

In addition, the actress thought that there were lots of wonderful things in the whole process of producing. It was so great to work with other people who have the same target. Rani Mukerji believed that Indian movies can develop in China because the two countries are common in culture.

She added that China and India have shared a lot of similarities in culture and rules of life, especially family and living. Therefore, the connection between people in two different countries through the film is made of these common things. Rani Mukerji told that the language and emotions of cinema are truly worldwide. ‘Hichki’ has proved that an actor came back a movie with heart and effort can still achieve audiences’ beliefs and respect.


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