Rangoli Chandel Tweets Target Alia Bhatt After Her Wins At Filmfare Awards

Salena Harshini |Feb 19, 2020

Rangoli Chandel's tweets have again targeted Alia Bhatt after the actress bagged several awards at the recent event. The posts have created an online debate.

Alia Bhatt once again becomes the criticizing target of Rangoli Chandel this time after she won awards for her film Gully Boy at Filmfare Awards. After Alia bagged the Best Actress Awards and Gully Boy took over 13 awards in total, Rangoli Chandel tweets that take a dig at the actress also went to the surface.

This isn’t the first time Kangana Ranaut’s sister bashed Alia. She used to mock the actress’s holiday photos with her boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor and even bad-mouthed her when she sent Kangana flowers for winning Padma Shri. Rangoli Chandel tweets have been making an unnecessary mess around the social media and an online debate has been started when she openly criticized Alia Bhatt on social media.

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 1
Rangoli Chandel tweets target at Alia Bhatt after the actress won awards with "Gully Boy"

In her tweets series, Rangoli spoke ill of Alia with her comments on Gully Boy and Raazi in which Alia plays as the female lead. Moreover, Rangoli Chandel did a hatchet job on Alia’s impending movie Gangubai Kathiawadi as well as the biopic centering around Ma Anand Sheela.

The star sisters have often pitched mocking statements targeting Alia Bhatt and this time she keeps on showing mock expressions at the starlet with her new Twitter posts.

Take a look at Rangoli Chandel tweets here:

Rangoli Chandel Tweets

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 3

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 4

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 5

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 6

Actress Kangana Ranaut and her sister Rangoli Chandel are infamous for being unhesitant to make bold statements. They never find it hard to put their opinions to the front. Regardless of a clash with a co-actor or a political issue, Kangana Ranaut has been vocal on her thoughts and for that, she has time and again created debates among netizens.

Rangoli Chandel Tweets 7
The sisters have time after time make storms with their statements

However, this time is Rangoli Chandeli who stirs up an online frenzy with her posts mocking Alia Bhatt. Rangoli Chandel tweets surely make a mess everytime they come on display.


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