Priyanka Chopra On Marrige To Nick Jonas: I Am A Wild Child, I Do Whatever I Want Whenever I Want And He Always Supports Me

Nagini Shree |Apr 13, 2019

At Women in World Summit 2019 in New York, Priyanka Chopra has opened up about sexual harassment and her recent marriage to US singer Nick Jonas, saying he always supports her unconditionally.

Priyanka shared an incident from the initial days of their relationship. They were hanging out with a few friends, and she had a meeting to attend. She began dropping hints to the group about needing an excuse to cancel her meeting, but Jonas wasn’t biting.

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PeeCee added that Nick then decided to invite the group to dine out and wait for her finishing meeting. Priyanka said.

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Chopra also talked at length about the #MeToo movement, "Sexual harassment had become a norm with women," she further added,

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She stated women are now emboldened by the support that they are receiving from each other.

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This is not the first time Priyanka Chopra, counted among India’s top-earning film celebrities, said about #MeToo movement.  At the Penguin Annual Lecture 2017 in New Delhi, she talked about sexual harassment in the film industry and revealed she had faced “abuse of power” in her professional life.


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