Priyanka Chopra - 10 Fascinating Revelations You Didn't Possibly Know

Kareena Kusari |Mar 14, 2019

Beauty, talent, ideal life partner is what you know about Priyanka Chopra. How about other interesting secrets?

Priyanka Chopra is considered one of the most talented beauty queens in the Bollywood industry. Her victory and glory in Miss World 2000 pageant have paved the way for her to enter the cinema field with the Tamil debut in 2002 and invade on Bollywood cinema one year later. Beauty, talent, ideal life partner is what you know about Priyanka. How about other interesting secrets? Join us to follow the fascinating secrets of this former beauty queen.

1. Her Engagement Ring Costs $200,000

Did you know that to find the ideal engagement ring for Priyanka, his ladylove at that time, American singer Nick Jonas had to shut up Tiffany’s & Co. store to have comfort and freedom to have the perfect choice for the big day in his life?

2. The First Meeting Leads To A Blossom Romance

In spite of incomplete accuracy, Nick and Priyanka's relationship has reportedly begun from their back and forth text messages on social media in 2016. Subsequently, their whirlwind romance flourished from their initial encounter at the Vanity Fair Oscars after party in 2017. At the moment of seeing Priyanka, the handsome singer knelt in front of her. “You’re real. Where have you been all my life,” he said amid the crowd at the gala night.

Priyanka Chopra Nick Jonas Vanity Fair Oscars Afte
Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas attended 2019 Vanity Fair Oscars After Party, where the two first met back in 2017. Photo Credit: Hot India Report.

3. Adorable Nickname: Priy, Peecee Or PC

5. A Bottle Of Sauce Is A Favourite Item in Her Bag

Priyanka surprised the audiences in American Vogue's 73 Questions by making an exciting revelation that the favorite thing in her handbag is not a mirror, comb, or cosmetics, but a bottle of Tabasco sauce.

Priyanka Chopra 4 Ellejpg
Photo Credit: Elle.

6. A Potential Writer

Priyanka has made her first try at writing by having a collaboration with the Hindustan Times in 2009It was a column titled The Priyanka Chopra Column which revolves around the topic of love, relationships, her experiences and advice in life.

Currently, the actress is writing a memoir entitled Unfinished, which is about to have its official release in 2019.

7. Initial Job As A Little Girl

In a previous interview with Vogue, Priyanka once said that her very first job was at her parents' pharmacy when she was a 10-or-11-year-old little girl. At that time, her primary responsibility was merely to handle out medicine to patients.

8. Being A Co-Owner With Mother

As a versatile star, Priyanka encroached into the business field after the years in her acting career. Currently, she is co-owner of a production company, Purple Pebble Productions, together with her mother, Dr. Madhu Chopra.

9. Special Meaning Of Priyanka's Tattoo

The tattoo on her arm, which says Daddy’s lil girl, is a symbol of great respect and remembrance of her late father. His departure in 2013. Priyanka confided.

Screenshot 16

Priyanka Chopra 3 Golfian
Photo Credit: Golfian.

10. Suffering From Asthma

Due to suffering from asthma as a little girl, Priyanka always makes an effort to help Indian enhance awareness of this disease.

Priyanka Chopra Branding In Asia Magazine
Photo Credit: Branding In Asia Magazine.


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