Preity Zinta First Movie – Whether “The First Step Is Always The Hardest” Is True In This Case?

Leela Adwani |Feb 01, 2021

If you are also a big fan of Preity Zinta, here is everything you need to know about the early days of your go-to actress in this competitive industry.

The first role and the first international role came in the same movie and we are talking about Preity Zinta first movie. Been active in the film industry in 1998, the actress is considered a role model of a lot of youngsters.

Preity Zinta First Movie
Preity Zinta First Movie

Her Bollywood journey is way too inspiring and it has never ceased to motivate us to chase our dream. If you are also a big fan of Preity Zinta, here is everything you need to know about the early days of your go-to actress in this competitive industry.

Preity Zinta first movie list

Entering the film industry in the year 1998, Preity Zinta first movie was Dil Se .. where she played a supporting role. In the first-hand movie, she had a chance to work with Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. Even though it was not a solo role, Preity Zinta gained considerable recognization for her performance.

Preity Zinta
Preity Zinta made her film debut in 1998

Dil Se..

Preity Zinta first movie is a romantic thriller drama that was set in the background of the insurgency taking place in Northeast India. The film was directed and produced by Mani Ratnam and it also marked the final installment in the thematic trilogy of the director.

Preity Zinta In Dil Se
She started with a supporting role in Dil Se..

In the film, Preity stepped into Preeti Nair’s shoes. She is considered a potential bride for Amar (Shah Rukh Khan’s character) that his family has found for him.

It’s not far off the mark to say Preity started off with a bang as Dil Se.. turned out to massive success. Not only did the film take the domestic box office by storm but the overseas ones. It became the first-ever Indian movie entering the top 10 in the UK’s box office charts.


Also in the debut year 1998, Zinta continued to star in the action thriller film Soldier. If anyone still doubts about her acting ability, the actress immediately proves her a true talent right in her next film. It’s safe to say Preity Zinta first movie list is filled with successful movies.

Preity Zinta And Bobby Deol In Soldier
Her second film came in the same year, 1998.

Solider is the second film of the actress but it marked her first heroine role. Starring Bobby Deol, the film was considered a blockbuster in Hindi cinema. It became the third highest grosser of the year.

Preity in Solider plays the role of the daughter of a corrupt Indian army official. No prize for guessing, the actress once again won the audiences’ hearts with her performance, made the critics, as well as other industry friends, take their hat off.

Preity Zinta 2
She is currently a leading diva in B-town

Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan movies

After the first but successful collaboration in Preity Zinta first movie Dil Se, the duo partnered up in more films and most of them were big hits.

In 2003, the duo shared the screen again in the romantic-comedy-drama Kal Ho Naa Ho which was also commercially successful and even became the highest grosser of the year.

Preity Zinta And Shahrukh Khan In Veer Zaara
Preity Zinta And Shahrukh Khan collaborated in several films

One year later, the duo teamed up in a period romantic film titled Veer-Zaara where they played the roles of eponymous star-crossed young lovers. The film is yet another record-breaking movie of the two and helped them win a lot of prestigious awards.

Another film produced by Karan Johar, Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna (2006) is the fourth film that Preity and Shah Rukh Khan worked together.

Preity Zinta And Shahrukh Khan
Preity Zinta and Shahrukh Khan both share a great passion for the sport in real life

Since then they haven’t collaborated with each other in any more films. However, one thing for sure that fans of the duo are eager to see them reunite on the silver screen again.

Preity Zinta net worth

Beginning with Preity Zinta first movie in 1998, after more than two hard-working decades in the film industry, the actress has established herself as one of the leading ladies in town.

According to the latest report in published in 2020, Preity Zinta net worth comes at around 10 million USD. If this amount is converted into rupees, her net worth will be around Rs 73.87 crores.

Preity Zinta 3
She is also a wealthy celebrity in town

For those who are unversed, the actress owns a production company named PZNZ Media. Her remuneration is reportedly about 2 to 3 crores per film.

She also owns two swanky apartments in Mumbai and Los Angeles, California where she mainly lives with her husband.

Preity Zinta Ipl Team
Preity Zinta and her IPL team

That might raise a few eyebrows but like Shah Rukh Khan, Zinta owns an IPL team.

Preity Zinta family

Born on January 31, 1975, from a Rajput family in Himachal Pradesh. She lost her father who was an Indian army officer when she was only 13 years old. The accident involved her mother who was injured severely.

Preity Zinta Family
She got married to an American man in 2016

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She has two more brothers. One follows their late father’s footsteps to serve the Indian army as a commissioned officer while her younger brother is living in California with her.

Preity Zinta Husband
She mainly lives in LA with her husband

In 2016, the actress decided to settle down with her long-time American boyfriend Gene Goodenough at a hush-hush wedding ceremony taking place in LA. Her husband is vice-president for finance who is working at NLine Energy, a hydroelectric power firm based in the US.

It would not be an overstatement to say Preity Zinta first movie is a turning point in her life.

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