Has Rashmika Mandanna Fell In Love Again After Breaking Up With Rakshit Shetty?

Priyansh Ha |Nov 15, 2018

There's no denying the fact that the lovely Rashmika Mandanna is one of the most popular young stars in the Kannada film industry today. The 22-year-old sensation enjoys a pretty good fan following...

Getting engaged in 2017, the news that Rashmika Mandanna and Rakshit Shetty broke up this year has shocked everyone. The young actress who is admired for her charm and innocence lately has fallen into the limelight one more time when she is reported dating another actor.

Rashmika Finds Love Again?

Has Rashmika Mandanna Fell In Love Again

The news that Rashmika Mandanna is dating a Tollywood actress is spreading all over the internet. This undoubtedly draws huge attention in the showbiz. However, it seems to be just a rumour when the actress of Geetha Govindam raises her voice about it.

The Rumours Are Not True

The Unfounded Rumours

Firstly, Rashmika's close friend confirms that this is only a rumour which came from nowhere. The actor currently isn’t is a relationship with anyone. All she wants to do now is just getting over the break up with Rakshit Shetty a few months ago. She doesn’t plan to start a new relationship at the moment.

The Background

Before The Breaking Up

After a lot of fanfare in the engagement with her Kirik Party co-star, the couple finally decided to be apart due to “compatibility issues”. This news created an earthquake in the industry with a lot of buzz around them. The young actress just tells everyone who concerns to let it be so she can continue her works in peace.

Her Exact Words

Rashmika’s Official Response To Dating Rumor

Rashmika finally wrote a post which broke the silence and blown away all the buzz around. The young actress says that it is so annoying for her being disturbed by the fake news. She has gone through all the articles, stories, comments and even strolls to see how people portray her life. According to Kirik Party actress, it went too far from the reality as they blew it out from proportion. However, she does want to blame anyone or to justify. All she wants is to work in peace. The actress states that she will continue her work in Kannada films as usual.

Despite many buzzes around her personal life, Rashmika is going on well on the work front. Her latest comedy releasing on August hit success and made her name more popular in Tollywood.
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