Pooja Bhatt On Tanushree Dutta's Harashment Complaint: MAJOR BURNS!

Author |Oct 09, 2018

The Bollywood world has shaken up lately because of the harassment complaint from Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar. And with the comment from Pooja Bhatt, things got heated.


The Bollywood world has shaken up lately because of the harassment complaint from Tanushree Dutta against Nana Patekar. And with the comment from Pooja Bhatt, things got heated.

In Horn Ok Please - a film in 2008, Tanushree Dutta cooperated with Nana Patekar. At the time, Tanushree has made an allegation against Nana. In fact, Tanushree has filed a complaint that Nana has sexually harassed her. And the incident happened right on the film sets.

Eventually, more and more celebrities are breaking their silence to give their comments on the controversial issue. Recently, Pooja Bhatt also made an official statement about this.

Pooja Has This To Say
On People Questioning Tanushree For Talking About It After Ten Years

And about those who question Tanushree for discussing the topic again after 10 years

During her appearance at the Jagran Film Festival lately, Pooja has answered the reporters about this issue. She has clearly stated that everytime anyone makes a complaint about sexual harassment, do not ignore it. In her own words, the actress said that the public "should not count it out". She strongly stressed that those voices are crucial to be heard. And that she thinks it is wrong to "silence" these voices.

'Truth Doesn't Need A PR'

More on this topic, the actress shows her deep annoyance that some people are against it. If the victims are telling the truth, then they need no PR. She said that it is frivolous to even discuss this. Some has 'advertised' that Bollywood will stand with the victims. And indeed, if that is the truth, then they did not need to PR it like that.

Pooja Takes A Dig At Bollywood

Pooja vs Bollywood: Not so pretty

Talking from her experience, Pooja expressed her quite sore understanding of Bollywood. She mentions that it is only a great place for awards, funerals or weddings. The rest? "If you believe it, speak it." The actress expressed that it could be foolish to expect support from Bollywood when it comes to issues like sexual harassment.

Aside from Pooja, other artists have taken the chance to express their point of view.
Though Varun Dhawan admits he does not follow the case details, he strongly stresses that workplace should be safe for women. In fact, Varun has noted that for anyone, woman or man, adult or child, respect is of crucial importance. Moreover, the actor suggests that the industry must be safe. And that anyone in the industry should be equally respected. In case the victim does speak up, we should take time to listen to them. That is a tremendous courage, and it deserves respect and care.

At the same time, Anurag Kashyap also spoke on the issue. He takes the case as an opportunity for everyone, and himself as well, to once again introspect about the wrongs that they might have done. The actor explains that people should change for the better, while acknowledge and accept their mistakes. "It's time we all grew up". The actor mentions that the fault is in the conditioning of the whole system. And it is time to change.

On another note, there was a video shared on Facebook recently that aroused much attention. The video shows Tanushree was mob attacked when she was in her car. The people behind the attack could be members from a political group. Apparently, these people were in control of her on the Horn Ok Please sets. The mob made damages to Tanushree's vehicle. It did not take long for the cops to intervene.

Tanushree Car
The mob attack on Tanushree's vehicle


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