Police Investigate Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments Post A Bomb Black-Email From Ghaziabad Teen

Ankita Chetana |Dec 16, 2019

One of Bandra Police officers stated that they searched all the corners and nooks of Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments for 3-4 hours and got all the members home.

Just recently, Bandra Police in Mumbai got a deceiving email announcing that there has been a bomb inside Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments. In details, the email indicated that the bomb will happen at the superstar’s residence in the next 2 hours. Attached to it, the email gave a threatening challenge to ask the police to stop the bomb.

Salman's Apartment
Police Checked Every Space In Salman Khan's House After Receiving The Email Of A Bomb Inside The Actor's Residence

Right after the email reached, a lot of police officers including Bomb Detection, Disposal Squad, and Additional Commissioner of Police were on a panic button to Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments. One of the police officers said that all of them investigated every corner of the building from three to four hours.

Police Check Salman House
(Left): Salman Khan's Galaxy Apartments

Earlier, the superstar’s family was evacuated for the police’s investigation to ensure their lives. And after they executed the checking, every member returned to their home with the police’s guarding. Following the updated reports, the email was deceived by a Ghaziabad teen who is 16 years old. Immediately the Mumbai Police caught him and asked him for a presentation in front of the Bandra police.

The inspector tracking the teenager down pointed out that the boy arrived in the police station and he was produced in front of the court for juveniles. After a discussion time, the final sheet touched him as the court decided to release him. Up to now, Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments turned back to the first status but the superstar hasn’t given any comments on this issue in public.

Stay tuned with STARBIZ to update more information about the things around Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartments!


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