Nick Jonas And Priyanka Chopra: It Was Not A Love At First Sight!

Nagini Shree |Sep 19, 2018

Of late, Nick Jonas has been quite vocal about his relationship with his fiancee Priyanka Chopra. From sharing lovey-dovey pictures to baring his heart in interviews, the singer-actor is deeply in love.

Recently, Nick Jonas has been sharing a lot about his romance love story with Priyanka Chopra, a talented singer-actor. While there are so many speculations around their dating, Nick and  PeeCee took everyone really surprised when they announce the engagement.

That was a special roka ceremony that the couple got engaged in Mumbai. Nick opened up in an interview about this sweet milestone and how he found the love of his life.

What's Common Between Nick & PeeCee?

What Do They Have In Common?

There are so many things in common which makes Nick deeply felt in love with Priyanka. However, the most important thing is they share the same love to the family. It is about the faith and trust in those who are always by your side. They also found that feeling in each other that connects their souls and lives together.

'The Roka Sort Of Combined The Two Families'

The Two Families Got United Thanks To The Roka Ceremony

"It was a beautiful time with a lot of love!" Nick replied when being asked about his Roka Ceremony in Mumbai. His family went to Mumbai to participate in the traditional ceremony. Priyanka and Nick's mom even danced together in the event. Priyanka seems to get along well to Nick's family. The event brings both families closer to each other.

It Wasn't Love At First Sight

They Do Not Fall In Love At First Sight

The matchy couple met each other for the first time in the Met Gala in 2017. However, it was not until several months later that they realized feelings toward each other and started dating.

From Friends To Lovers

It Was A Friends-To-Lovers Story

Nick further reveal more about how they knew each other and how the story went. A friend introduced PeeCee to Nick but they just texted each other without any meeting until May 2017 at Met Gala. Nick insisted that they were just friends but they had a great time even when they didn't have much chance to see each other again.

'People Thought We Were Being Coy'

'People Say We Were Coy, So Were We'

Nick was asked many times about what happened after their first meet, both in interviews and private.The couple, however, had chances to cut to and engaged. When they found things in common and got attracted by each other, both decided to let the story wrote itself. Their engagement is the response to other people, a happy ending that everyone wants to see.

On A Similar Note


The couple is now having a great holiday in Okhalamas, Texas. They look gorgeous in camouflage outfits. Priyanka posted the picture as a part of her 'Texas' diaries. They just had a great time with friends and family there.


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