Netizens Have Found Shah Rukh Khan’s Twin In Some Viral Pictures Of A Jordanian Photographer

Nalini Suri |Oct 04, 2019

The Internet has been ruled by the photos of Shah Rukh Khan’s look-alike taken by a Jordanian photographer and you will be shocked by their resemblance.

Bollywood celebrities’ alike versions have been sculpting the buzz and especially, people consider it’s an honour to look like Shah Rukh Khan.

Earlier, we have Julia Michaels as a Western copy of Anushka Sharma or Tik Tok star Alina Rai to match the resemblance with B-town hot actress Katrina Kaif.

And now, netizens have got another chance to make the talk of the town when a Jordan-based photographer’s pictures went viral.

Akram al-Issawi vs Shah Rukh Khan

From a certain corner of the photos, Akram al-Issawi holds some lineaments which take no difference from King Khan. Many people gaped at how the two share the resemblance, meanwhile, some others saw that the photographer got a look of twenty years since now.

Akram al-Issawi as Shah Rukh Khan

Right after his pictures were spread over the Internet, Akram collected a bigger fan base even when he returned to his home country. Thanks to his look-alike appearance to the Bollywood superstar, he even joined an interview with Saudi-based TV news channel Al Arabiya last year for this issue.

SRK look alike Akram al-Issawi

The on-point mark is that Akram knows well how to look like King Khan of the tinsel town. He grabbed a lot of attention from a pic that saw he dressed a classic black and white three-piece suit and carved a similar pose to Shah Rukh Khan. Who can realise that this isn’t King Khan?

SRK look alike Akram al-Issawi

Satisfying with the news of calling him as a copy of the Bollywood actor, Akram really drinks in every bit of the buzz. He even copies the dimples from Shah Rukh Khan and admirers surrounded him to take selfies or sign the autographs.

SRK look alike Akram al-Issawi

For his resemblance to SRK, you can find some surprising comments leaving on his pics that read: “Ha ha, I thought he is SRK”, “OMG second SRK” or “Exactly same”.

SRK look alike Akram al-Issawi

Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani shared some pictures in which Akram was on the public and some passerbys waited for him to get a selfie or an autograph. He was seen dimming in the fame for his look!

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