Neha Sharma Haircut Photo Gallery: When Fashion Is Not All About Clothes

Leela Adwani |Nov 11, 2020

Rumors and gossip about Neha Sharma haircut are always a focus of attention of several tabloids. Check out her photo gallery!

Touted as an emerging Bollywood actor, one decade working in the Hindi cinema, Neha Sharma has entertained the audience with her top-notch performances in her film. However, she is loved by the public for not only the acting talent but also her style. The fact is that fashion is not all about clothes, it’s everything making us outstanding from accessories, shoes to even makeup and hairstyle. It goes without saying that Neha is known to be a fashionista who has never ceased to inspire us. Other than her outfits, Neha Sharma haircut also draws much attention.

Neha Sharma Haircut Ft
Neha Sharma Haircut Photo Gallery

The actress is no stranger to hairdo changes in the past decade. She has been a world-class actress and model. In order to step into the shoes of her characters, Neha has to change her hairstyle several times. She is mostly known for her livable roles and special public appearances. That would not bat an eyelid when rumors and gossip about her haircut are always a focus of attention of several tabloids.

Neha Sharma Haircut 2
Mesmerizing look of Neha Shara with long hair

If you are also into Neha Sharma haircut, check out the photo gallery below:

It’s not hard to realize once you scroll down Neha’s Instagram grid, the actress is stick to the long slightly curly hair. She keeps this look for so long but it’s not boring at all thanks to the way she styles and mixes with her outfit.

Neha Sharma Haircut Bun
She constantly changed her hairstyle

The actress mostly lets her hair fall loose, sometimes ties up into a bun, or does a ponytail. It depends on the situation, she will choose for herself an appropriate hairdo.

Naturally wavy hair

It’s safe to say that if you randomly search for Neha Sharma on the Internet, the first pictures you will see are an image of the actress in this long hair look.

Neha Sharma Haircut 3
The most common look is long curly hairdo

This hairstyle makes her look more girly but not less trendy. Being a fashionista, the actress has always kept up with the latest trends and never let herself fall behind the times. Yes, “old-fashioned” and “outdated” have never existed in her fashion dictionary.

Neha Sharma Haircut 5
We can see this hairstyle in most of her pictures recently

From casual looks, professional photoshoots (outdoor or indoor) to on her vacation, this look is something not too hard to come by.

Neha Sharma Haircut 7
We can't get enough of this look

However, she has never disappointed her fans when it comes to the hairstyle. Even though she is quite loyal to the long curly hair, the way she transitions her hair from a side part to a center part is way too fabulous.


We love bangs but they are not everyone’s cup of tea. However, one of the quickest but riskiest way to change our look is to cover the forehead with bangs. Our Bollywood actress has never failed to do so even when she goes for this style.

Neha Sharma Haircut Bangs
Neha Sharma in the early days of her career

It would not be an overstatement to say the wispy side-swept bangs bring her a dose of cuteness. If you are a big fan of the cute look of Neha Sharma, then you will love this look.


The list of Neha Sharma haircut could not complete without mentioning ponytail.

Neha Sharma Haircut Ponytail
She also loves doing ponytail

The actress doesn’t do this hairstyle on a regular basis but once she does, everyone turns heads.

Neha Sharma Haircut Ponytail 2
She looks like a princess walking out from our favorite fairy tale story

She usually ties her hair neatly when the actress hits the gym or wear sporty outfits.

Braid hairstyle

Neha Sharma Braid A
Braid hairstyle is always a good option if we want to change our hairstyle without cutting it

One of the biggest privileges of being a girl is she can change her look within a few minutes by opting for a braid hairstyle. Neha Sharma is not an exception.

Neha Sharma Haircut Bangs 2
She also does it in her workout section

In fact, the actress has never opted for a short hair look.

Neha Sharma’s Instagram update

Owning 11 million followers on Instagram, Neha, like many other celebrities, is quite active on this photo-sharing platform. She usually gives her fans an insight into her life by sharing pictures and videos about her. For those who don’t know, Neha made her acting debut in 2007 with a Telugu-language movie titled Chiturha. She then paved her way into Bollywood with the film Crook. She was last seen in the 2020 superhit Tanhaji: The Unsung Warrior.

Neha Sharma Sister 1a
Neha Sharma and her sister Aisha Sharma in their most recent picture

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Recently, she took to her Instagram to share a picture with her sister Aisha Sharma at the gym center. It’s a mirror selfie and the sister pair seems to have a hard-working workout section. Talking about her relationship with her younger sister, the duo is like the partner in crime of each other. Aisha is also a frequenter on her sister’s Instagram. They spend a lot of time together from dining out, picnic to even going to the gym with each other. When it comes to popularity, the Sharma sisters pair – Aisha Sharma and Neha Sharma is also a force to be reckoned with.

We guess that Aisha Sharma is also the one who is behind the gorgeous Neha Sharma haircut or she is the one who gives her sister an idea on how to style the hair.

Neha Sharma Sister
They remain a close relationship with each other

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Besides her acting career, the actress is an avid social media user who never fails to stun everyone with her ootd pictures or Neha Sharma haircut. We hope that the photo gallery above will help you get rids of mid-week blues. What do you think about the different hairstyles of Neha Sharma? Let us know which one is your favorite in the comment section below!


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