How Arjun Kapoor charms Parineeti Chopra in the Namaste England song Dhoom Dhadakka

Author |Sep 25, 2018

Boys will always be boys, and Arjun Kapoor is so charmed by Parineeti Chopra's beauty that he can not help it..

Arjun Kapoor charms Parineeti Chopra: Namaste England has made the most of the Punjabi setting into their newest hit-to-be 'Dhoom Dhadakka'

Sit tight and embrace yourself, as this lovely tune is going to be performed by Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra. The lovely couples could be the best option for this serenade, as fans everywhere just can't contain themselves when seeing these two together. 'Dhoom Dhadakka' starts with Arjun shouting his love aloud for Parineeti. They were filmed at a wedding, in a farm and also at another university campus. These places are bound to become the hot check-in sights!

Again about 'Dhoom Dhadakka', the lyrics have been composed by Javed Akhtar. The song is overflowing with best compliments for Parineeti's beauty, and also about the love confessions from our love fool - Arjun. Arjun was all over the place, dancing along with his entire baraat, only to get Parineeti's attention. And his intention does not simply stop there. He wants her heart for himself and himself only. Talking about beauty, we can see how Arjun is ignoring everyone and just scream loudly to the world that Parineeti is the beauty of all mankind. Hmm, just wondering what the bride at that wedding would feel?


It's gonna be a fun session!

Anyways, more dancing and more tareefans - but with a new outfit!

Arjun sure puts all of his mind into attracting Parineeti, and if dancing is not enough, he takes to costumes as well! This lovely scene might event ignite some inspiration for the next wedding season trends. Who knows?

The original entire song is performed by both Shahid Mallya and Antara Mitra. Even though during the video, we could not hear any female vocals, but Antara did an awesome job on this collaboration with Shahid. Okay, enough! Without further ado, here below is the link to the video of the song 'Dhoom Dhadakka' - from Namaste England!

If you are still wondering, Namaste England is a love story that knows no border.

The story goes across India and Europe, taking in the beautiful landscapes of gorgeous territories like: Punjab, Ludhiana, Amritsar, Dhaka. Then, when landed in Europe, Namaste England takes us to Paris, Brussels and eventually London. This beautiful love story of two Punjabi lovers is performed by Parineeti and Arjun. The story takes a turn when Parineeti decided to flew to England because she just can not keep up with the prejudiced life in Punjab. And that has helped Arjun make his decision to find her and have her back in his life.

This lovely film is a work of Director Vipul Amrutlal Shah, known for his successes with Namaste London. Expect the film to hit the screens on October 19!


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