Metoo Movement: Is It Time For Bollywood To Have An Intimacy Director?

Author |Nov 04, 2018

The explosion of Metoo confessions with countless allegations in Bollywood now raise a question about safety in the workplace. Also, the era of willful ignorance in sexually predatory behaviour and workplace harassment in the film industry is coming to an end. In fact, as #metoo story accumulated in the media, men have begun to experience the consequences of their behaviour. Veteran actor Nana Patekar, film producer Vikas Bahl, Sajid Khan are some of Bollywood biggies who had to step down from their position and lost reputation because of these allegations.

However, if the reality requires actors to have a real intimate scene, an intimacy director is something of a puzzle. It’s said that intimacy director can breathe new life into Bollywood where sexual abuse has become a thorny issue. Actually, Rolling Stone magazine, a well-known studio has recruited an intimacy director for its television series. And it’s is reported that others company actually looking for the same person who can handle the sensitive situation and keep actors comfortable on the sets.

Director Madhur Bhandarkar

“After #metoo confession in the industry, this will be something that everyone will be comfortable with. I would prefer the person who fulfils the role will be a woman”, Bollywood director Madhur Bhandarkar said.

According to Heroine’s producer, the industry has had song choreographer, dance master, art director who expertise in the field but there hasn’t been an intimacy director. An intimacy director is a person who in charge of sex scene and briefs actor about the scene before filming. He/she also ensure the best comfort for the actor while shooting.


Madhur Bhandarkar further added: “Maybe an intimacy director can tell what exactly the producer wants. So, it’s really necessary”.

As matter of fact, regardless of gender, both can feel uneasy when portraying intimacy scene. Hollywood veteran actor Sylvester Stallone once confessed that he felt uncomfortable when shooting a shower scene with actress Sharon Stone in The specialist (1994).

Sharing the same viewpoint, Bollywood trade analyst Atal Mohan expressed that an intimacy director will ensure the code of conduct is adhered to. Hence there will be a comfortable atmosphere would have a positive impact on acting as negative sentiments will not creep into anyone’s mind.

Actor Richa Chadda

A hot scene in Richa Chadda's movie

On the other hand, actress Richa Chadha who made her debut in a leading role of Masaan, playing a student get caught after indulging in casual sex, has a different opinion. As Richa states, she wants Vishakkha guidelines about harassment at workplace widely distributed at every production house. Talking about the idea of having an intimacy director in Hindi film Industry, the ‘Love Sonia’ actress is still uncertain about the suggestion.

“Ideally, we should have someone like a neutral HR person that actor can approach in case of harassment”, the gorgeous actress gave a piece of her mind

Filmmaker, actress Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt
A filmmaker is a mother, father, a tyrant, a sage, a friend, says Pooja Bhatt

Actor turn to producer Pooja Bhatt, however, thinks that she or other directors could be an intimacy director on the set of the film. According to the female director, at her work environment, she ensures that actor “feel as comfortable in a bikini as in a sari”. Moreover, as Pooja has work experience as an actress before she becomes a director as well as she has been working with many Bollywood celebrities earlier; she understands the importance of a comfortable and safe working environment.

“The ‘gaze’ of the unit is imperative to me”, the film director asserted. Furthermore, Pooja Bhatt believes to become a successful director takes full responsibility for everything on the shoot like a parent, a friend.


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