Female Director Nandita Das Speaks Up About Gender Inequality In The Film Industry

Priyansh Ha |Sep 01, 2018

With the starting point as an actress, Nandita Das is now becoming a well-known director after the success of Manto. At the end of this year, the female director is going to take part in 'Share her journey' movement. This event is aimed to raise people's awareness of gender bias in the film industry. Together with more than 80 women from all over the world, the Naditas will join a march and discuss the issue.

Nandita Das has always made offbeat choices as an actor, and she continues to, even as a director

Nandita Das. File image

Nandita shared on her Twitter:

Early this year, the director attended an international Film Festival Cannes as a protestant against gender inequality. It is an honour for her to participate in the film festival in Toronto to share thoughts about film industry gender gap.

In addition to that, she wrote a long Facebook post to show her expectation and appreciation on this event. This year seems to be a promising year for the young female director. Firstly, Manto won a great deal of attention in Cannes world premiere. And now she is going to join another international films event focusing on the film industry gender gap.

Nadita Das shared that she would soon head to the International Film Festival in Toronto to attend the premiere of Manto in North American. She is going to receive the reward for female storytellers as well as push the gender gap in films by joining the movement 'Share Her Journey'.

Almost All Women In Film Industry Have Experience Sexual Misconduct

According to the director of Manto, sexual misbehaviour exists in the industry as a top issue. Almost all female actresses have struggled with it. Fortunately, there were movements like #TimesUp and #MeToo. These events are shedding a spotlight on this bitter reality suffered by female in Bollywood.

Unfortunately, there are no official prosecutions have been applied yet. These movements, however, are giving hopes to women in film industry who are facing the difficulty of gender gap. There is one thing we can be sure of is that being silent is never a smart choice.

Nandita Das was delighted to see that international film festivals finally are starting to address this issue. She shared her determination to push the culture of gender gap and abuse. These movements have attracted a great attention and support from both men and women, in and out the film industry. She also promised to stand asides and to share her inspiring stories to the society.

Manto releases on 21 September with starring actor Nawazuddin Siddiqui in the lead role.


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