Big Boss Fame Mandana Karimi Get Trolls For 'Looking Sick', Here Is How She Deal With Trollers With Glam

Bhavna Acharya |Apr 03, 2020

Being in public eyes on a regular basis, celebrities often feel the pressure to behave or to look in a certain way that would live up to audiences’ expectations. Bollywood is no exception when it comes to this topic.

Recently, Bigg Boss star Mandana Karimi has become of the victim of trolling on the internet. Things started when the Bollywood updated her Instagram feed with a picture of her wearing a black bikini paired with red shades, bathing under the sun and casually having meals. She posted the image writing “Cravings … 🍕 ☀️ 👙 #quarantine #daywhatever”.

Mandana Karimi 1
Mandana Karimi was trolled for her skinny look

Immediately, she received multiple trolling responses in the comment section, judging her look. The majority of those trolling comments were about her skinny body. Netizens asked her what happened to her as if she was sick, they even suggest that she go do a health-check at the hospital. The trolls went on as another user commented “Fatwa nikalo re BC iske against koi. Ben ki labri” and said that she looked malnourished.  

Mandana Karimi 2
She frequently made headlines for her sexy and stunning look in bikini

How sad it is to see people publicly bath-mouthing Mandana Karimi on her own post like that. However, she was so clever and graceful that she handled the situation in the nicest way and totally turn a blind eye on those nasty reactions. Good job, Mandana!

Most people have the tendency to perceive stars as perfect without understanding that they are just humans; and as humans, we have our flaws. It’s clear that the internet era has made it so much easier for everyone to give their opinions. Therefore, people on the internet often feel free to say whatever they want without weighing the consequences. Today, we see celebrities become a group of people getting trolled and criticized the most every day. Trolling comment is among many ways that netizens use to criticize them.  

Mandana Karimi 3
Big Boss star flaunts her toned body in a white swimsuit

Meanwhile, Mandana Karimi showed her anxiety about the health of her family who is living in Iran at the moment and having a huge concern over the availability of necessary facilities during the COVID-19 lockdown. In a conversation with Mandana, she said that the situation in Iran had got her stressed for more than 2 months. Her mom was supposed to spend time with her for Holi as they had been doing this for 7 years.

Mandana Karimi 4
She even went bold in a half-naked photoshoot

Unfortunately, she couldn’t this year. Most Iranian people are now in need of medicines and sanitizers and she can’t find a way to help her family with that. The Internet is the only way to keep in touch with people. “The situation is really bad there,” she said.


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