Madhuri Dixit Is Sick Of Constant Questions For Actresses About Their Comebacks

Bindhiya Nhi |Mar 01, 2019

Madhuri Dixit Nene dislikes the idea that the actresses are always asked about their comeback in the industry. She thinks that is unfair for them.

Actress Madhuri Dixit does not feel comfortable when actresses in the industry always have to receive questions related to their comeback dates.

The actress shared her thoughts on the matter, wondering why only actresses have to respond to those questions. According to Madhuri, if it is an actor, no one will ask him even if he has been inactive for such a long time. However, when it comes to an actress, people become curious and start to ask her when will she come back in movies. Madhuri thought that was a personal choice and everyone should respect it.

Madhuri made her statement in an interview with IANs,

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Madhuri Dixit 2 Featured

Madhuri Dixit got married to Dr. Sriram Madhav Nene and later gave birth to her two sons Arin and Raayan. It was during this time that she decided to stay away from new movies for a while and focused on her family instead. The actress revealed that she was asked about her comeback regularly after her decision.

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Madhuri was also fully aware of her break. People might think that she had a lengthy hiatus, but the actress knew that was just a perception. She did not avoid the industry entirely, she just stopped taking part in new projects.

The Total Dhamaal star also expressed that she wanted to do other things in her personal life, from spend time being with her children to fulfill her dreams. The actress explained,

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After Devdas (2002), Madhuri Dixit had paused for five years before she made a comeback with Aaja Nachle (2007). Later, she took another gap which lasted for seven years. In 2014, she was back again with Gulaab Gang. Her latest movie is Total Dhamaal, a comedy directed by Indra Kumar.


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