Pics That Prove Long Hair Bollywood Actresses Are The Sexiest Heroines!

Hanima Anand |Nov 03, 2020, 15:08

The debate over long hair or short hair is always one of the most discussed topics among girls, and today, we got the answer. Dive in these flawless pics of long hair Bollywood actresses to find out!

There’s no need to argue that every inch on a woman body is a perfect work of art. While many poets found their endless inspiration in the eye wink of their muses, artists are willing to shed their blood to extract the nuance of a female’s red lips. As for Starbiz, we’ve fallen head over heels in love with these long hair Bollywood actresses.

Long Hair Bollywood Actresses
Who is your favorite in the list of Bollywood Goddess?

We can say that from middle-aged heroines who endeavor to keep traditions alive to modern beauties who are emerging in the industry, regardless of hair colours and textures, these faces look the most attractive in long hair style.

Disha Patani

Being one of the most followed celebrities on Instagram in India, Disha Patani feels an obligation to update herself every day. However, the actress remains loyal to her long hair.

Disha Patani 1
Disha Patani's new Instagram post sent the Internet into a frenzy.

In her latest post, the 28-year-old Bollywood actress poses simply on the bed, but it gained over 1.7 million likes on the networking site within less than a day. Each like is equal to one heart melt for the girl’s alluring look with her wavy hairdo.

Disha Patani 2
No professional photographer or photo background, Disha Patani glows in her quarantine pics.

Clearly, Disha Patani is among the sexiest long hair Bollywood actresses you can find today.

Disha Patani 3
A river of hair and a flawless bodycon form a sizzling photoshoot.

Kiara Advani

Also on the way to claim her spotlights in Hindi cinema is the young girl Kiara Advani. She will co-star the veteran hero Akshay Kumar in his upcoming Laxmii.

Kiara Advani 1
The long hair plus her evocative posing in this photo can seduce any man.

Kiara Advani is loved for her super-sizzling body but an innocent face. The actress can fit a variety of photo styles, from topless Dabboo Ratnani calendar shoots to dynamic commercial ads.

Kiara Advani 2
The actress diversifies her fashion but maintains her long hair look. 

Having said that, the emerging heroine is reluctant to change her hairstyle or its colour. On her Instagram, most of the time we see her embracing the naturally tousled hair. Sometimes, the Kabir Singh actress is seen in wavy hair to fit with her attires in the look book.

Kiara Advani 3
A bit wavy at the hair end completes the dreamy photoshoot.

Amyra Dastur

The next woman who confidently flaunts her long hair is the Maharastra beauty Amyra Dastur. From her first days in Bollywood, Amyra rarely changes her hairstyle.

Amyra Dastur 1
Can you resist kissing her cheek if staying close to this girl?

She often keeps her hair in its natural colour while experimenting different types of curly hairdo.

Amyra Dastur 2
Different clothes but same hair length

No matter what types of waves she applies to her hair, the versatile actress looks gorgeous as a Mermaid in the long hair.

Amyra Dastur 3
One of the most liked photos on Amyra's social handle.

Nora Fatehi

While many people may think Nora is an explosive bombshell who dares to try novel styles, Nora is a frequent name in the list of long hair Bollywood actresses. Going with her diverse fashion statements is a variety of hairstyles, from brownish classic curls to wavy hair flows in light purple, but one thing is for sure, she loves her long hair.

Nora Fatehi 1
The foreign actress quickly adopts Indian values in which her long hair is a signal.

After nearly 6 years in the industry, the Canadian-born heroine is among the most successful foreign actresses in Bollywood. Besides her constant efforts in acting, she also gains huge affection from Indian netizens for her charming postures.

Nora Fatehi 2
We are totally lost for words when seeing these pics of Nora.

Malaika Arora

Needless to say, Malaika Arora is not just a popular long hair Bollywood actress, she is a true beauty icon in the tinsel town.

Malaika Arora 1
She is forever a fashion icon in Bollywood.

This 47-year-old woman has inspired countless females across India via her artistic photoshoots in which she resembles a Goddess with stunning hair look.

Malaika Arora 2
Hardly is there anyone in the industry that can surpass Malaika in photoshoot concepts.

When being asked about her youth secrets, Malaika Arora always emphasizes proper hair care tips. That is to say how she loves her long hair which is a weapon for her beauty maintenance.

Sonakshi Sinha

Among all long hair Bollywood actresses in this list, Sonakshi Sinha might be the simplest fashionista. The 33-year-old actress prefers natural shots with messy hairstyle sometimes and light makeup look.

Sonakshi Sinha 1
A Goddess in her stunning white dress...

In fact, she used to keep her hair at the shoulder-length for a while before letting it grow as long as it wants. Turns out that is the right decision when the long hair flatters her round face beauty.

Recently, fans are excited that Sonakshi Sinha enjoys playing with her hair by changing its colour and texture quite often. A few weeks back, people saw her in brunette straight hair. Days later, she posted a photoshoot with a curly chocolate hairdo. And her latest selfie features a long straight black hair.

Sonakshi Sinha 2
With her flexible hairstyles, Sinha transforms from a fairy bride to a rebellious chic at a glance.

Whatever style she takes, Sinha makes men go weak at their knees.

Sonakshi Sinha 3
The actress is in love with the sunshine and messy hair.

Now after seeing all those pics, do you agree with us these long hair Bollywood actresses are the sexiest in the industry?

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