Karan Johar Sends Apology To Arunachal Pradesh People Because His Comment Hurts Their Sentiments

Laavanya Hien |Nov 14, 2018

The filmmaker Karan Johar sent his sincere apology for the simply unintentional remarks on Wednesday which hurts their sentiments.

The filmmaker Karan Johar sent his sincere apology for the simply unintentional remarks on Wednesday. The apology was the day after he suffered from the trolling for allegedly offending not only the Northeast people’s traditional headgears but also their culture on the social media.

On November 10th, an Instagram video clip was uploaded by the director. It showed the shooting sets of Indian Got Talent, a well-known talent show. In the clip, fans could see Karan Johar together with Malaika Arora and Kirron Kher join to be judges.

How did Karan Johar respond?

Karan Johar responded to the Assamese journalist after receiving serious criticism due to his comments. His reply indicates that he desires to send his sincere apology if he was hurting any sentiments.

Moreover, Karan Johar also shared a Twitter post. It reads that you’re completely right. And, he really wants to send his sincere apology in case he was hurting the sentiments. Plus, he wrote that his comment was just simply unintentional. And, it was resulted by the lack of knowledge without any excuse. That’s why he felt totally sensitive towards the cultural differences within the country and he felt extremely sorry.

Karan Johar
Filmmaker Karan Johar

The previously-mentioned video clip also revealed Kirron Kher was putting on the spiked Arunachalee hat. Furthermore, the show director exclaimed that OMG, what is he wearing on his head?

In response to this, Kher said that Arunachal Pradesh people have offered this hat to him. And, they have also taken this one for him. Kher also shows the director the Assamese Japi which is a popular traditional hat with the materials such as bamboo, colored cloth, and dried leaves. 

To reply the question from an actor-politician about the reason that Karan Johar didn’t put on the Japi, he disclosed that it is because he has guts; whereas, he Johar doesn’t.


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