Kanika Kapoor Claims About Hospital Treatment: "I’m In Jail. I Am Hungry, Thirsty and I Feel Miserable"

Nagini Shree |Mar 22, 2020

After being tested positive with Coronavirus, the singer Kanika Kapoor has been undergoing treatment at Lucknow Hospital. And now Kanika accuses hospital and doctors of ill-treating her.

While the world is fighting hard against the novel coronavirus, and Bollywood celebs are doing best in raising awareness, the Baby Doll singer Kanika Kapoor tested positive to Covid-19 after returning from London making everyone more conscious.

Until now, she is the first Indian celebrity to have the coronavirus and is leaving for quarantine after being infected with COVID-19. During some latest interview, Kanika talked about the facilities and treatment she received at the Lucknow hospital.

Kanika Kapoor
Kanika Kapoor arrived in India from London

The singer accused that she is being ill-treated as if she has committed a crime at the hospital. "I am being ill-treated here and it feels like I’m in jail. They are behaving as if I am a criminal for no fault of mine,” Kanika said. Adding that the room was full of mosquitos, she requested to have the room cleaned but she was refused by doctors as they said that this was not a five-star hotel.

As for the food and medicines, she said that she was given nothing but only a bottle of water since she was taken to the hospital. "I’ve been asking these people to give me something to eat but I’ve only been given two small bananas and an orange that had flies on it." Even though she informed that she had a fever, no one attended to her and gave no medicine. Kanika added she is allergic to some food items thus she can't eat anything that she's given. She felt very hungry, thirsty and miserable.

Kanika was accused of violating the norms of self-isolation

Earlier, soon after news surfaced on the Internet, the singer issued a statement on Instagram with one image of the earth wearing a mask. Kanika claimed that she began to develop flu-like symptoms four days ago and her family is under complete quarantine and follows medical advice.

The Baby Doll singer is under severe criticism for not hiding trave story and neglecting an order issued by a public servant to prevent the spread of the fatal disease.

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